The Performance Matrix

Full Programme

The movement health Solution 

Part 1 - Movement Health

Analysis & Retraining


  • The Movement Health concept, TPM Active message & brand and TPM Pro clinic offering
  • Multi-joint, cognitive based, movement assessment at low & high threshold plus, the trademarked tool of  ‘site, direction &  threshold’ ®
  • Apply The Performance Matrix (TPM) online testing and risk algorithm
  • Movement assessment report analysis, clinical reasoning and Movement Health goal setting
  • Principles of training at low and high threshold (direction control & muscle specific approaches)
  • The Business of Movement: successfully implement the TPM Pro clinic process into your current business set-up

Home Study: 5 screens / design 2 rescreens Submit 1 full case study



Part 2 - Movement Management

The design and implementation of bespoke training programme


Day 5 - Submit Case Study

  • Advanced multi-joint testing: matching the right Matrix to the TPM Active client’s goals
  • Movement Health case studies
  • Retraining: advanced exercise design and exercise delivery for the TPM Active client
  • Understanding & applying the ‘Movement Efficiency Model’ based on Comerford & Mottram’s (2012) Muscle Classifications
  • Managing restrictions and the movement impairments accompanying a loss of range/extensibility
  • Session design: long term movement management and how to plan programmes around low and high threshold retraining. Apply ‘classic’ motor control skills alongside strength & conditioning principles.
  • Develop movement teaching skills; cueing, feedback and tools to bias synergists within a synergy
  • Introduction to the TPM Pro NetworkReview screen & report


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