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Empower practitioners with movement expertise

TPM Pro clinics are powered by their expertise in movement to give individuals the best quality of life for a lifetime of activity, achievement, performance and participation.

TPM Pro is a business solution that allows every movement focused clinic to deliver the world’s best movement assessment and retraining system to their clients.

Understanding the anatomy of TPM Pro

The great thing about TPM Pro is that you get a complete service that benefits

infographic explaining tpm pro anatomy

The system empowers clients to understand the health of their movement and the chance to realise potential.

TPM Pro is a subscription-based clinic ready system, enabling practitioners to apply the science of movement into their practice. By subscribing to TPM Pro’s service, you gain access to our complete training programme, helping you become a specialist in Movement Health; our research-backed technology platform also allows you to perform online movement assessments and retraining plans tailored to your clients.

A key feature is on-going business and marketing support to TPM’s global network, helping you further build the commercial value of your practise while elevating the business usage of movement science. The system is device-friendly with no extra purchase on kits, you only need a desktop/tablet to access to the platform and perform the movement assessment.

TPM PRO has five unique components

How TPM works

TPM employs a well-proven Movement Health system used globally by thousands, from elite athletes to the older and active wellness minded to:


Analyse movement, with expertise and technology to find inefficient patterns and strategies to guide retraining

Analyse Movement


Match goals to the online movement report to optimise an individual’s plan

Movement report plan


Access and utilise 1000’s of retraining strategies to change movement to build robust and long-term movement health

Access movement health startegies


Track improvements in movement efficiency for a life time of activity, performance and participation

Track & improve movement health

10 ways your practice could benefit from TPM Pro

Is TPM Pro right for me and my business?

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The people who have started benefiting from TPM Pro include:

Medics & Sport Medicine Professionals, Movement Therapists,
Sports & Rehab Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers,
Strength & Conditioning and Sports Coaches

TPM Active is used by all ages and all levels of ability from professional athletes to the older and active wellness minded

These business owners have identified that TPM Pro provide a systemised way to put movement at the heart of their business
from £133 a month


TPM Active

The TPM Pro Accredited Clinic and Centres, deliver TPM Active - expertise in movement to give individuals the best quality of life for a lifetime of activity, achievement, performance and participation.

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