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Bring the benefits of better Movement Health
to YOUR business

A clinic ready system to put
movement at the heart of your business

If you are a movement focused clinician, therapist or coach you could easily
make TPM Pro part of your business.

To enable you to become a TPM Movement Specialist,
we’ve created TPM Pro –

a complete subscription-based service that gives you anytime, anyplace access to everything that makes TPM so effective:

A complete programme of training

so that we can share every secret we’ve ever discovered about Movement Health

Our sophisticated technology

a research based, online movement assessment system enabling you to reach accurate, reliable and consistent diagnoses

An online exercise catalogue

a complete resource, enabling you to prescribe personalised, highly-effective retraining programmes to any of your clients

On-going commercial and marketing support

you benefit from the high public profile and the trust in TPM, and we’re forever working to bring more clients to your practice

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"TPM movement management system plays a pivotal role in our injury prevention process"

Southampton Football Club

TPM Pro brings the same elite level service to your clinic and your clients’ Movement Health.

Optimising movement options to enable clients to live the life they choose

10 ways your practice could benefit from TPM Pro

TPM Pro integrates long term Movement Health into your practice for sustainable business growth –

from £133 a month

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Understanding the anatomy of TPM Pro

The great thing about TPM Pro is that you get a complete service that benefits:

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TPM PRO has five unique components


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Component #1

Comprehensive training and professional development

Sign-up to TPM Pro and enrol onto an intensive 8-day education programme
(The Movement Health Solution)

Facilitated by the world’s most experienced Movement Health professionals, this gives you:

Increased understanding of movement analysis in the movement management system
Everything you need to know to become a TPM Active Movement Specialist
Expert skills to enhance movement efficiency for long term movement health
Valuable advice and guidance on how TPM will bring business benefits

And this is just the start of your TPM professional development journey.

From here on in, you get ongoing access to our enthusiasm and both clinical and business expertise through masterclasses and networking days – enabling you to keep on learning, and to pursue specific areas to suit your clients’ individual disciplines or lifestyle

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Component #2

The finest resolution online movement analysis software

Once you’re signed-up to TPM Pro, you get anytime, anyplace access to our
innovative computer-based screening system.

Our Movement Management System focuses on assessment, analysis and retraining of movement impairments at high and low threshold. It considers the interaction between movement efficiency, movement variability and how these influence recurrence, injury risk, and performance deficits.

By accessing the system from any device (smartphone, a tablet or a PC) you can lead your clients through a series of movement tests.

Each step of the way, the TPM software enables you to evaluate the state of their movement system. And, based on the results, you can identify their current level of Movement Health.

Your clients receive a personalised report, detailing their Movement Health score – and you can prescribe a highly specific retraining programme to empower your client to take control of their Movement Health.

Uncontrolled movement is linked to soft tissue and musculoskeletal problems which influence individual's wellbeing and performance. Our movement assessment identifies which movements cannot be actively controlled in addition to considering the limitations in range that drive movement faults. The software’s algorithm generates a report, informing clinicians and their clients of the presence of high risk so as to guide the clinical reasoning process.

A recent academic paper in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine concluded that our system and training enables TPM Movement Specialists to reach accurate, reliable and consistent conclusions. This is guided by classification system of site, direction and threshold.

Find out more about our technology.
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Component #3

An extensive catalogue of retraining exercises

Based on the results of the movement assessment report, you design a personalised retraining programme for your clients.  To do this quickly, easily and effectively, you get access to our online catalogue of Movement Health exercises.

1.You select training strategies and exercises from the catalogue
2.Exercises are sorted by site, direction and threshold, to easily match the results of the clients personalised report (generated automatically generated by the system's software)
3.You create an individual retraining programme for each client based on their report and personal objectives
4.Designed to empower the client by supplying their retraining programme in video format that can be accessed on any device

The TPM Catalogue is based upon a vast selection of functional movement exercises specifically designed by our expert team to match the profile report of your client.

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Component #4

On-going business and marketing support

The Business of Movement -
We are 101% committed to making TPM Pro a success – for you and your business.

TPM Pro provides you with an inclusive business solution. This includes a wide range of marketing strategies and technical support that enables you to create a complete movement focused approach whatever your practice environment.

As part of our training and development programme, we explore the tangible ways that TPM can help you grow your practice including:

  • The ways that TPM Pro can be used to extend and enhance your client journey’s
  • The marketing messages for Movement Health
  • The integration of the TPM Active brand into your business
  • A ready supply of TPM Active marketing materials

In addition, we are forever promoting the benefits of TPM Active and the value of Movement Health and the long term benefit to quality of life this brings:

  • Deliver a Movement Health service
  • Attract more people to your practice including new client groups
  • Generate increased revenues through client retention
  • Improve your pricing
  • Extend and enhance your client journey from pain to long term Movement Health
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Component #5

TPM PRO Network

Be part of our TPM Network Association – a group of TPM Pro Licence Holders who support and share their successes and provide a forum to help them grow their business and to support others within the TPM Pro and TPM Active brands. We have an online network and non-clinical education days with a focus on business success and solutions. Working together to promote and grow the TPM Active message.

“Genuinely engaging and the day went too fast! Some really positive take away messages centred on marketing and how TPM Active can be integrated in to any clinic marketing plan”
“Some really nice business advice and strategies on the patient journey and again how the Movement Health message needs to flow all through the process”
“I always find it very refreshing, motivating and fun to be in the same room as so many like minded people. I always go home inspired to keep being better, different and current in my practice.”

Benefit from the power of the
TPM movement analysis tool

Our screening software sits at the very heart of the TPM system.
Once you have access to it, you can use it to deliver a better, fuller service to your clients:

Online Tool for Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screen, UK

Functional Movement Screen – Instant Reports

Online & Printed

Functional Movement Screen – Online & Printed Reports

Detailed report of movement assessment results to inform retraining

See Progress Over Time

Functional Movement Screen – Online & Printed Reports

Our comparison sytem allows you to see how individuals are improving over time

Exercise Catalogue

Functional Movement Screen – Online & Printed Reports

Get the most out of retraining with the specific detail of the report

Is TPM Pro right for me and my business?

Do you want to join the growing global network of TPM Movement Health specialists?
The people who have started benefiting from TPM Pro include:

Movement professionals - including Pilates Instructors
Injury prevention specialists
Strength & Conditioning & Sports coaches

TPM Active is used by all ages and all levels of ability from professional athletes to the older and active wellness minded

These business owners have identified that TPM Pro provide a systemised way to put movement at the heart of their business – from £133 a month

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