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Our elite movement management works alongside contemporary strength & conditioning principles to allow today’s performance focussed individual to excel.

We find the performance solutions you didn’t know you’d lost, restore them, giving you more ways to solve the problems set by function, performance and the opposition. This is more than injury prevention and performance enhancement, it’s about more choice in how you move, more solutions in how to win.  

“Southampton Football Club uses TPM Elite. We believe The Performance Matrix has played a contributing role in the club’s success, on and off the field”

Southampton Football Club

Elite movement management

for Football & Rugby

Hamstring recurrence &
movement management
for high velocity running

TPM Elite assesses and retrains the whole movement system, not just the region of risk and recurrence. Hamstring injury remains high, especially in the presence of fatigue and repeat sprints.  We aim to supply a more robust movement system to deal with both velocity and fatigue. Although force production is an answer, and eccentric strength training has met with some success, TPM Elite offers a bigger picture approach considering the complex interactions that sometimes result in injury.

Elite movement management

Golf & Tennis

For both these technically demanding sports, technique deficits sometimes arise that remain resilient to change. TPM Elite’s movement management process gets under the skin of performance and function to find the movement deficit holding you back. In the presence of fatigue, technique also suffers. Learning how to offset this process through efficient performance solutions offers a unique approach to a common problem.   

Technique deficits
& fatigue

Elite movement management

for Triathlon

Transition, recovery &
fatigue management

For the endurance athlete, performance solutions to the demands of fatigue can be found when training is targeted at giving you more movement options, improving the ability to shift your technique during both training and competition. The systemised employment of movement as a means to manage the recovery process offers another. Staying injury free allows the volume you need to be accrued. TPM Elite movement management puts more potential in each stroke, revolution and step. It manages your movement, so that you can manage the volume.       

Stay robust: get more performance solutions than the opposition

TPM Elite
Bespoke assessment, planning
and retraining of movement.

Our sessions employ The Performance Matrix assessment tool, allowing our interventions to neatly dovetail alongside your current training demands.

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