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Movement Health
for elite athletes

If you’re responsible for the performance and development of elite athletes, find out how TPM can help

Although it's now available to everyone, The Performance Matrix (TPM) solution was originally developed for elite athletes and professional sports teams – helping them to:

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Optimise movement efficiency through synergy management

Enhance robustness and minimise time loss

Acute and long term performance enhancement

Reduce incidence and recurrence of injury

TPM Elite, backed by our high-level consulting, is our specialist service for elite athletes and sports teams.

“Southampton Football Club uses TPM Elite. We believe The Performance Matrix has played a contributing role in the club’s success, on and off the field”

Southampton Football Club

Improve performance and reduce injuries with more robust Movement Health

TPM Elite enables you employ a movement management system to optimise movement efficiency which influences injury rates and burden and improve performance outputs through movement interventions.

With our most advanced movement management system you will be able to:

Design comprehensive training programmes based on athlete specific reports. Give your players, athletes and team members the tools to integrate an effective, informed strategy into their warm-ups, practices and strength training.

Track your athletes’ progress over time using the comprehensive comparison system - then re-evaluate their training programme, and compare the results of different teams and players.

Invest in the best testing and movement retraining system for long term, robust efficiency of athletes.


Multiple user access Giving your team maximum flexibility
A highly specific assessment and report Accurately detail weaknesses and assets
Individual Comparison system Chart the progress that an individual is making throughout the season
Group Comparison system Measure players progress by age, position and many other variables
Extensive training programme
‘How to optimise TPM’
Enables you to realise the system’s full potential
Online exercise catalogue Matches the report to create retraining programmes
Training and Consultancy Maximising the efficiency and performance of those screening athletes
Sport specific matrices Suits the individual discipline of your team
IPad / Tablet / Smartphone Friendly Carry out movement analysis anywhere
Movement assessment score  Monitor your athletes progress as they improve during the course of the season 

“I felt the difference after just two weeks. I feel more in control of my body and like I can move more freely on the pitch, without being scared of twisting and turning.”

Mikael Forssell, Finnish international footballer

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for Elite Sports & Corporates

Elite team
Implement a new movement cultureMore >
Elite consult
Superior consultancy services from world leaders in movementMore >
TPM athlete
Movement health 'insurance' for agents, coaches and athletesMore >
Better movement means better businessMore >

Elite Team

Implement a new movement culture

Champion movement health and see your team triumph

In your professional role, TPM Elite Team places the world’s best movement management system at your fingertips. Our movement specialists will work alongside you to integrate The Performance Matrix into you existing practice structure. You will be able to design comprehensive individual training programmes that will make full time team fitness an achievable goal.

  • Save revenue by reducing the cost of injury
  • Maintain team and squad continuity
  • Protect the long term value of your playing assets
  • Enable consistent season-long training
  • Deliver the highest level of competitive performance
  • Apply performance comparison into your regime
  • Identify, track and develop talent to its full potential
  • Prevent injuries rather than treating them, avoiding the cost of treatment
  • Keep your best players on the pitch, and WIN more games
elite consult

Superior consultancy services from world leaders in movement

Your movement health partnership

In addition to the Elite Team offering, we also offer supplementary services to support you in your role of athlete development. Often situations arise where one player’s problematic rehabilitation can present a real drain on a coach or physio’s resources. In these instances Elite Consult will work collaboratively with you to provide a dedicated one-to-one service. Take the pressure off your workload knowing there is back up available, should you need it under any circumstances.

Come to us with a player’s specific requirements and our world leaders in movement health will work in partnership with your club’s current services. Our Consultancy offering is also a cost effective solution for the busy transfer window - one off screenings will ensure that you have the best possible insight into a player’s performance potential and injury risk through sport movement analysis.

Athletes Development Programs

  • Screening gives an excellent indication of performance and ability, conclusively identifies prior issues helping you produce positive results
  • Build confidence by offering insight into players movement health and identifying talent immediately – ideal for the transfer market
  • Efficiently manage complicated injury cases and save time and money
  • Make your players feel valued with a dedicated service that focuses on their individual needs
  • We will screen before you buy, particularly useful for sportspeople without a clear injury history from their previous club
  • Benefit from an integrated approach that has your objectives at its core

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Protect your performance assets
The emphasis on achieving results in sport in undeniable. The need to maintain performance can place considerable pressure on athletes, coaches, agents and other administration staff.  To alleviate some of this anxiety we have developed TPM Athlete to minimise injury, improve rehabilitation, enhance performance and extend longevity.

At the highest sporting echelons, an athlete’s career span is often dictated by injury.  TPM Athlete’s comprehensive screening and assessment programme is your insurance for the movement health of your elite sportsmen and women – helping you to limit the risks and limit your losses.

We offer the best of the best movement management at our London site or globally throughout the UK, Australia, Scandinavia, South Africa, Brazil, India and the East Coast in the USA.

Your movement health insurance

Extending longevity of an athlete’s career

Focus on protecting the athlete’s movement health and protecting your business asset

Prolong the career you love –
increase longevity for another season

TPM Corporate

Better movement means better business

In the commercial world your people are your biggest asset so it pays to ensure that they perform at a consistently high level. Investing in movement health can ensure that you obtain greater returns from your staff. A healthy body can help sustain a healthy mind.

For larger organisations injury prevention has the potential to save considerable costs in the long term, limiting the impact of business interruption. TPM Corporate is a dedicated platform based on our pioneering movement health management system The Performance Matrix. Designed for and implemented by leading elite sports clubs and athletes, our movement assessment and retraining solutions have a proven track record for successful outcomes.

Now your business can put in place a tactical strategy that engages with each individual’s specific requirements. One-to-one testing and retraining provides real benefits and tangible results, as over time each participant can monitor their improvement.

Athlete Development – TPM Elite

To date the TPM model has been used by firefighters and elite Special Forces
through the ‘Military Matrix’ solution.

TPM Elite
Get your team screened NoW and implement the world's best Movement management Ststem
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