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Which Matrix?

3rd June 2016

If Movement Health is about possessing more choices in movement, the choices on offer in terms of which Performance Matrix analysis tool to use raises many questions. Can too many choices be a bad thing? Here’s a simple set of recommendations to help both clinicians and TPM Active clients choose from this extensive range.

If you don’t need (or want to jump), and if you don’t run (repetitive jumping) the Base Matrix seems to be a great place to start the movement management process. As with all the Matrix tools, it is composed of both low and high threshold testing, therefore revealing movement deficits that appear at different intensities of effort and caused by differing physiological mechanisms. In addition to consideration of the trunk, lower and upper limb the Base Matrix also considers movement testing focussing on the neck, making this a sensible testing tool for use with swimmers.

For those jump as part of their activity, but maybe not looking for the exactitude of the Running Matrix, the Foundation Matrix reveals massive amounts of information on key movement related issues. The Foundation Matrix may also be seen as a progression from the Base, due to the inclusion of the jump tests, which are performed with differing direction and loading challenges.

Once we enter the world of specific Matrices the options really start to open up. For the more serious runner the Running Matrix is an obvious choice. The newly developed Cycle Matrix targets the avid rider. For the triathlete, the question posed is, which part of the event is your weakest? Whatever the answer, the Base, Running or Cycle give us a solution.

Recent success on the world stage has seen the Golf Matrix attain great prestige, as Danny Willett’s Masters success has put The Performance Matrix range on the horizon of all wishing to manage movement to an elite level. For team sports, Southampton Football Club’s top six finish in the English Premier League has shone the light upon the benefits of the Football Matrix, with the club coming in third for having the least amount of injuries of the 2015-2016 season.

Leaving the world of sport behind the Pilates Matrix is a bespoke tool for the wellness minded to maximise the power of the Pilates process, as you perform the exercises you need most. The Low Back Matrix targets the region that often raises many injury concerns, whilst the Open Matrix is uniquely made up of only low threshold testing, proving a perfect fit for those coming back from surgery or currently unable for the demands of high threshold speed and strength.

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