The Performance Matrix

What does TPM Active stand for?

4th November 2015

What does TPM Active stand for?

The ultimate goal of TPM Active is simple; everyone in the world should have the chance to have their movement assessed and managed so that they get on with the things in life they enjoy. Putting this goal in sight is the TPM of TPM Active. The Performance Matrix (TPM) is a very special thing. It is used by some of the world’s very best athletes to improve how they move, reduce injury risk, play better; truly TPM Elite.

It’s backed by research (see, and is delivered by highly skilled professionals who have spent a lot of time perfecting its use.

But what about the Active?

We feel everyone should have the chance to benefit from the TPM of TPM Active, not just the elite athletes of this world- we all need movement to action the choices in life we’ve made. This means that when TPM becomes TPM Active all can access what the best in world use.

The system’s elite but, you don’t have to be

TPM Active can help you look after your movement so your movement can look after you.



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