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The Performance Matrix (TPM) Greatest Hits

28th June 2016

Next week TPM heads to the IFOMPT Conference in Glasgow to spread the Movement Health message and show you how to put the 'Business of Movement' in to your clinic.  Pre-conference, we take a look at a selection of past posts highlighting some of the clinics, clients and clubs already connecting TPM Pro and the Movement Health message.


Body Logic Health

Body Logic Health & TPM Pro - Body Logic Health (BLH), set in the heart of vibrant Battersea, London, is a flagship site for TPM Pro clinics and the Movement Health philosophy. Acting as the UK venue for delivery of the education, masterclasses, and network days of TPM Pro, BLH is also a thriving and innovative clinic, a one stop shop for all things movement.

The Physio Clinic Bristol

Heading for Movement Health at the Physio Clinic Bristol -TPM Pro clinic owner Pete Tang from The Physio Clinic Bristol Ltd discusses becoming a centre of excellence for Movement Health, the value of movement for all, and making sure clients’ goals, both current and future, stay well within reach over their whole ‘movement’ lifespan.

Rehab Lab Physio

Spotlight on Rehablab Physiotherapy - TPM Pro clinic RehabLab Physiotherapy are combining movement focussed innovation, originally developed for the world of high end performance, with the desire to supply everyone with robust and adaptable movement. In line with the company’s ‘evolution of movement’ perspective, clinic owner Kate Stobart takes a little time out to tell us about this TPM Pro clinic. 


Forever Fysio

Movement Health at Forever Fysio - Forever Physio have caught the first wave of what’s becoming known as ‘Movement Health’; a concept revolving around the knowledge we can visit a movement expert to help us look after our movement, just as we might go to see a dentist; regular check-ups, and regular attention to preventing problems.

Arena Fysio

Insights from Arena Fysio on how TPM Active helps maintain and improve fitness - Insights from ‘The Movement Health’ Arena - an interview with TPM Pro Clinic Arena Fysio, Helsingborg, Sweden


Top sports physiotherapists embrace TPM in Finland - TPM Pro clinic owners Tony and Tero discuss how TPM Active is helping everyone to benefit from Movement Health & elite movement management  


Female triathlete puts herself in the running - A smart ‘Tri’ to push the volume - female triathlete makes remarkable transition to take the honours

Pooling our efforts all theway to the podium - A case study presented by Pernille Thomsen, assistant professor, and physiotherapist who illustrates the benefits of the movement management system, The Performance Matrix which sits at the heart of TPM Pro business solution.


The Foundation Matrix used as measurement tool in elite youth soccer - Foundation Matrix Screening as injury prevention tool and focus on motivation and deltagelse with U17 and U19 elite football players - A quantitative intervention study

TPM & Southampton Football Club - How is the movement management system that powers TPM Pro changing the face of football & physio clinics around the world?

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