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TPM Active - which one suits you best?

9th March 2016

TPM Active - which one suits you best?

Whilst the Movement Health message steadily makes its way through the clinics, gyms and digital media pages of 2016, the question of who needs Movement Health, arises. The answer is simple; everyone.

Everyone can fall under the TPM Active banner, the TPM Pro clinic brand bringing Movement Health to all. We now consider why everyone, no matter how active, or young or old can be TPM Active.  The 5 categories are:

The Wellness Minded

 Already receptive to new (or ancient) and alternative therapies to improve or safeguard their long term well-being, talk of the benefits of Movement Health for a movement lifetime complements existing beliefs and actions.


The Serious Recreational

Although it’s not their job, they train like it is! Making up the majority of those actively seeking TPM Active, this group knows injury stops them doing the thing they love to do.

The Professional Athlete

Professional athletes are familiar with seeking out services that deliver the competitive edge in addition to knowing all about the problems of injury and recurrence. Prevention and performance enhancement is tailor made for this group.


The Amateur Elite Athlete

The self funded athlete needs to be self-reliant. Being injury free means they can rely on their training and their body to get them to that next competition. Managing the demands of work and sport can take its toll; but when your movement’s right, that’s one less thing to worry about.


The Older & Active

Sustaining Movement Health across a lifetime gives us empowerment, where our mobility is not a limiter in the life we want to lead or continue. Defying the sands of time through Movement Health makes TPM Active a long term choice for this group.



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