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TPM Active for the Wellness Minded

23rd March 2016

Wellness, mindful movements and the resurgence of techniques such as meditation to combat and skilfully navigate the buzzfeed of daily life are all over social media and beyond. So where is the connection between Wellness and TPM Active? Movement supplies an answer.

Descriptions of ‘Wellness’ outline a self-directed, evolving and conscious process; those involved in the active pursuit of Movement Health and through the use of TPM Active can see many parallels. The similarities continue. Engagement in ‘Wellness’ begins with heightened awareness, prior to making choices as to how to live a more successful existence. TPM Active also makes individuals aware of their current state of Movement Health and supplies choices in to how this state can facilitate a richer and increasingly self-governed use of their physical self, whatever their goal.     


Increasingly aware of the need to consider the health of the mind, the concept of Movement Health sits easily with those already pursuing ‘Wellness’. Receptive to new (or ancient) and alternative therapies to improve or safeguard their long term well-being, talk of the benefits of Movement Health for a movement lifetime complements existing beliefs and actions.  This is more than just pain free living; it’s optimising the potential of each day.

Movement Health is a vital element to our all-round wellness – just as they say, ‘you are what you eat, there is the need to consider you are how you move. TPM Active’s can increase your ability to do the activities that you love and even do them better than before.

Click here to find your nearest Movement Specialist - get an expert insight into your movement health together with a retraining programme to prevent future injuries and maximise performance.

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