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TPM Active for The Serious Recreational

31st March 2016

We recently posed the question Who is TPM Active for? Our initial blog post explained that TPM Active works for everyone and that users can be defined into five categories, see previous blog post here.

In this post we look at how TPM Active can help The Serious Recreational

TPM Active for The Serious Recreational

Although it’s not their job, they train like it is! Making up the majority of those actively seeking TPM Active, this group knows injury stops them doing the thing they love to do.

Who exactly is serious recreational? Defining how to put the serious into recreational seems to come down attitude, goals and competition. When somebody asks the serious recreational, ‘what are you doing today?’ ‘going for a run’ states the importance activity and training carries. Having an exercise programme and sticking to it so as to achieve performance goals is another indicator this is ‘serious’. Regular competition in sporting events also reveals training matters.

The serious recreational is ever more savvy to technology and new training methods, even when these come at a premium. There’s a lot money spent on bike fits; TPM Active is showing for those that want the tools of elite performance, ‘it’s not (just) about the bike’. The specificity of TPM and the potential of the sustained presence of Movement Health makes this group life long fans of being TPM Active. Knowing they are using what the best use, matches their desire to train just as hard and employ the latest and the most effective approach.

Read this case study  to see how a female triathlete benefited from integrating TPM into  her re-training prgramme.

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