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TPM Active for The Pro Athlete

13th April 2016

Who is TPM Active for is the question we recently asked in a blog post

We went on to explain that The Wellness Minded certainly benefit, as do The Serious Recreational

In this post we explain how The Professional Athlete category also fits the remit.

Maybe nobody knows the value of movement more than the professional athlete. When your livelihood depends on how you move, any tool that keeps you in the game might just be priceless, certainly when you know careers are short and unpredictable. Pro athletes are familiar with seeking out services that deliver the competitive edge in addition to knowing all about the problems of injury and recurrence. Prevention and performance enhancement is tailor made for this group.

Originally developed for the elite sport’s player, TPM’s quality and systematic approach has attracted some of the biggest names, from the biggest sports. Our now widely talked about connections with Southampton Football Club make it clear Movement Health and TPM make the difference for those whose need the best, to be the best. Around the world, both team sports and individual athletes are achieving; TPM is taking care of their movement, allowing training volumes to be met and the rewards of competition to be savoured.

As the most active of TPM Active, this group are leading the way, setting the records at the business end of where movement matters. TPM Active has ensured elite movement management is not the preserve of the elite, allowing the tools of inspirational performance to support Movement Health for all.

SUF, a TPM Pro Clinic in Finland explained in a blog  earlier this year how  TPM helped them gain successful results with pro athletes , here's an extract ....

"We decided to become a TPM Pro clinic, assess movement with TPM, and build our prevention and performance clinic offering around this movement management system.   Success at the highest level quickly followed. A footballer, in their early 30s, had decided this was to be their last professional season. He was really struggling with hamstring cramps; less than 40 minutes into every game. In terms of his career, it seemed the writing was on the wall. Tero says, ‘we started working with him and after a few weeks we could get a good 70 minute out of the player.’ He was putting in performances that alerted the National side and this was putting him back into the mix for the selection"

Click here for the full article.

some other successes in the Pofessional Athlete category  include:

  • Professional Triathlete Minna Koistinen, who found some time between the swim, bike and run to answer some TPM questions; read her post here
  • TPM Pro Clinic Top Performance Delta, where Jeannette Hoftizjer uses TPM on both individual and team athletes - view post here 
  • Southampton Football  Club, who's integration of TPM into their training demonstrates how  the movement management system that powers TPM Pro is changing the face of football & physio clinics around the world - read article here

Look out for our future posts on how  TPM Active helps the Amateur Elite Athlete and the Old & Active categories 

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