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TPM Active for the Amateur Elite Athlete

20th April 2016

In previous blog posts we have taken a look at some of the categories which benefit from integrating  TPM Active screening into their health and fitness regimes; these included the Wellness Minded, the Serious Recreational and the Professional Athlete.  Today we look at the Amateur Elite Athlete and talk about how when your movement’s right, there’s one less thing to worry about.

Amateur Elite Athlete - a self-funded athlete who needs to be self-reliant, confident in their abilities, confident in their body. Once the race, game or match has started, winning or losing is in their hands; the confidence that comes from believing their body is robust means the key to success can also lie in their heads.

More Than Just Prevention

Being injury free and knowing injury risk is low, means the elite amateur can rely on their training to get them to that next competition. Effective prevention matters when there’s not an ‘on tap supply’ of support team professionals to pick up the pieces if the worse happens. Injury free volume allows the performances that count to become a reality, but possessing a robust movement system extends to more than just injury prevention; it also means winning and personal bests, as the movement system is more efficient in finding ways to beat the opposition.

Work-Sport Balance

Although performances are elite, the demands of the day job need to be met, as training and competition happen against a backdrop of work and life. Managing the workplace and the elite sport arena can take its toll; but when the movement system is ‘right’, there’s one less thing to worry about. Taking the time to have their Movement Health assessed and enhanced supplies the confidence that comes with a low injury risk and the performances supported by robust movement efficiency. The amateur elite can reap the benefits of what the movement management system of TPM Active offers, getting a sizable return on their ‘Movement Health investment’.

An Olympian Effort

In this year when Olympians take to the stage once more, the stories of many elite amateurs will capture the world’s attention and hearts. For the amateur elite in any sport, time and budgets are at a premium. When movement is managed with the elite level system that is TPM Active, the amateur elite’s confidence and performance can prove a match for any taker.

In our next post on Who Is TPM Active For, we look at the Older and Active category

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