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Top Sports Physiotherapists Embrace TPM in Finland

24th February 2016


Where we were, where we are, where we are going; Finnish Sports Physiotherapy (SUF) 

TPM Pro clinic owners Tony and Tero discuss how TPM Active is helping everyone to benefit from Movement Health & elite movement management  

On the morning of October 1st 2008, a new physiotherapy clinic entered the Finnish therapy market. Based in Espoo, an affluent region close to the capital Helsinki, the company set out with the admirable intention of ‘repairing’ those members of the city’s population in need of rehab, managing their pain and dysfunction. Now, over seven years later, the message, just like the business has expanded.  Company directors, Tony and Tero, state,’ yes, of course we still help repair, but now we also prevent. Tony goes on, ‘it’s even more than that… we also want to encourage people to do something for themselves; and we’re using movement to do all three.’ 


Finding an answer to the movement question 

Whilst always wanting to keep moving the business forward by being responsive to the wants of their wide ranging clientele, the company’s two bosses have also kept up their clinical skills. This combination of business acumen and patient interaction, has led to them spotting opportunities, and finding gaps in the market.  

Nowhere is a cutting and competitive edge sought more fiercely than when working with elite athletes, and the high demands, expectations and searching questions that go with that environment. The world of elite sport was to give them a great problem to solve, helping pave the way for their current vision of success. A number of years ago, a top coach asked them, ‘do you have any movement tests we can use on our players?’ Tero explains, ‘at that point we realised we couldn’t really help him, so we got thinking and started looking. We talked to our colleagues and then educators for different ideas, one name kept coming; The Performance Matrix (TPM). When we looked a bit deeper, we loved what we found in the TPM system; it puts movement at the heart of the process, focussing on prevention and performance rather than just dealing with injury or pain.  This really suited where we wanted to take the business at that time; let’s not wait for the injury- but stop it, before it happens. We decided to become a TPM Pro clinic, assess movement with TPM, and build our prevention and performance clinic offering around this movement management system.  


Success at the highest level  

Success at the highest level quickly followed. A footballer, in their early 30s, had decided this was to be their last professional season. He was really struggling with hamstring cramps; less than 40 minutes into every game. In terms of his career, it seemed the writing was on the wall. Tero says, ‘we started working with him and after a few weeks we could get a good 70 minute out of the player.’ He was putting in performances that alerted the National side and this was putting him back into the mix for the selection. After his return to international duty, a big money move was on the table to an exciting and developing league, following in the wake of some of the biggest names in world football.  


We are a small country; we can’t miss talent. Movement matters to young athletes 

Naturally, delighted at this high profile success, the pair also saw the chance to influence players at the start of player’s careers. Tony says, ‘we wanted to work with players who were just beginning their careers, or at least hoping to. Working with the movement of academy players allows them to ‘do things right, right for the start. They’re talented individual and we want to do our best for prevention of injury, allow them to move better, give them the confidence and encouragement to succeed. We are only a small country; we can’t miss talent.  If the whole academy stays fit, all the players get more playing time, everyone gets to practice with the best.’  

Again, this process has also come with a success story. One academy player has really excelled. Now with the country’s top side, he’s making his mark representing the National team at U17. The ‘eyes’ of clubs from around the rest of Europe are keeping a close watch on what happens next.  


The system’s elite; but you don’t have to be. TPM Active offers Movement Health; to everyone  

After these successes for both junior and senior athletes, Tero and Tony are ready for the next step; the same elite level movement management, but neatly packaged for everyone. ‘Movement is so fundamental to everyone’s day. We want to do what we’ve done for athletes, for all our patients and clients.’  

Supporting this next step in the Movement Health journey is TPM Active.  TPM Active is described as a ‘Movement Health Solution’, supplying SUF’s non-elite athletes and more typical patients with the same level of expertise and benefits as those in professional sport are routinely exposed to.  Over to Tero,’ we want to help everyone move better, so that they can do better at work, stay healthy or even just get healthy. We’ve seen it’s easy to change movement; it doesn’t take long if you are very specific in what you are doing; 10 minutes a day, works. TPM and TPM Active means we can avoid just using protocols and ‘ready-made programmes’, because we have seen how specific we can make exercise for everyone. When the training is this targeted to the movement problem, a short time is all we need. Everything is tailored and bespoke to the client.’ 

The potential that enhanced Movement Health unlocks is being realised by SUF as a business, by their elite sport clients and now, by each and every patient. The movement question can now be answered for all. 



The Staff at SUF, Espoo


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