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TPM Active - the value of movement

16th September 2015

You’re built to move. Many would recognise the importance of activity in our daily lives, the impact on our health when activity is lacking, a desire to get active and stay active in order to enjoy what life has to offer; for as long as we can. Supporting activity for health, activity for enjoyment and making our intentions and interactions possible is movement. Movement is the giver of choice, the human ability helping people to live the lives they choose, not to be constrained by their mobility. TPM Active helps you look after this precious gift so you can get on doing the things you love.

Perhaps, movement has been undervalued. To the question ‘who values movement?’ an obvious answer lies in those whose livelihood obviously depend upon it (elite performers) and those whose daily lives are limited by a lack of it. TPM Pro clinics have taken what has been used with the first (pro athletes) to help make sure no one is one of the second. This is TPM Active and we think everyone should be.

What makes TPM Active so attractive?

TPM Active has taken the best system from the world of elite sport and put it in TPM Pro clinics for everybody. It works as a way to give you more options in the way you move through your day, pro-actively limiting injury occurrence, aiding performance, helping you to move well for longer. Professional athletes really value this; now everyone has the chance to benefit.

No matter where we are in our lifecycle, movement matters. In fact, as we begin to notice the years pass by this might seem more the case. Moving well has an elixir of life quality to it. It’s almost as if our movement tells you our age. Wouldn’t it be nice to defy that little rule.

TPM Active’s message is keeping the active, active no matter what active means. If performance is more your thing it’s sometimes easy to get very caught up in the gadgets, the exercise of the month, and need to train ever harder yet changing how we move might just put you at the front of race, help you recover quicker, and stay off the physio bed.  

TPM Active seeks to establish lives in which movement is not the limiter. It employs the best so people can continue to do what they love rather just remain a thought, a memory, a dream.

So, the question is, what if movement no was object? A time to dream, and now a time for action.

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