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Testimonial from TPM Active client at Moolman Physiotherapy

29th April 2019

We love a TPM Active success story. TPM Pro clinic based in South Africa received a brilliant testimonial from one of their TPM Active clients. 

“I suffered with chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and arms before starting on TPM. My back and core muscles were weak too. After many tears and prayers, Anja from Moolman Physiotherapy introduced me to TPM and together we started the program.

We are so very happy and satisfied with the progress made after 4 months on this program.

I am now without chronic pain, can walk upright, lift my arms above my head, my core, back and arm muscles got stronger. My posture is now looking at its best.

I can sincerely recommend TPM!!

Thanks so much Anja and TPM. My prayers were answered!”

Client: Amanda Van Wyk at TPM Pro Clinic Moolman Physiotherapy

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