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My TPM Active Journey: Why I Value Movement Part 2

28th March 2017

Following my first visit to the Body Logic clinic in Battersea with Jack who conducted my screen, sent through my report, goals and my suggested exercise retraining programme, I scanned through the documents remembering and repeating in my head what he had said as a mantra, “do not worry about the masses of red dots, things will change now!”. I looked through the exercises that they had given me and decided have a go at home that evening. I was not as successful as I would have hoped.

The First Retraining Session

Pete Tang of the Physio Clinic in Bristol kindly agreed to take over my retraining programme and I made my way to the clinic armed with my prescribed exercises. I was welcomed in by the team and we began looking through my exercises. I didn’t comprehend how much brain power it would take to complete all of them, my body was not moving the way I wanted it too and it was a little frustrating to say the least. I spent an hour with Pete and Matt and they went through in detail all 6 exercises. Some of the exercises were slightly harder than others and they could tell I was struggling, so some small changes were made to adjust more personally to me, and complete guidance was given through each step.

I left feeling a little exhausted but excited to start my exercises. I’d spent so long going back and forth from multiple professionals and being told various reasons for my pain, that I was just ready to start working towards having better movement. Over the next week, I spent 20 minutes five days a week practising my exercises. Initially without the guidance of Pete Tang I felt a little apprehensive that I was doing them in the wrong way, but after a little while they began to make more sense. I pencilled in the next appointment for my second screening for two weeks’ time which left me with complete curiosity to see how the ‘masses of red dots’ looked now.  

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