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My TPM Active journey: Why I value movement Part 1

16th March 2017

Life before TPM Active

It was three and half years ago, when the pain in my pelvis and back began, and so did the journey of establishing the relationship between movement and pain. Over 6 months I was prodded and poked by each doctor I saw to be told something different each time. In time, they came to the conclusion that it must be down to fertility, and that key hole surgery was the best option.

When fertility problems were ruled out, the doctors were at a loss as to what it could be, and I slowly felt like giving up. I started considering various alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and even if my diet was affecting it, but none proved successful. I went back to my doctors and told them I believed the problem was musculoskeletal, and they agreed to refer me to a physiotherapist.

When I arrived at the clinic I felt both excited and anxious as I thought they could hold the key to my pain, but I was unfortunately mistaken. The physiotherapist asked a few questions, told me to lift my leg up and move my arm and was then given a piece of paper with 3 exercises on it and sent on my way. After attending two more sessions, it was safe to say I didn’t exactly feel motivated, and so I stopped going.


My introduction to TPM Active

Luckily it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as I was fortunate enough to begin working with Sarah Mottram and TPM Pro re-training system. During a networking event at Paul Goss’s clinic Body Logic in Battersea, London - he kindly offered for me to attend a complimentary screen, and that’s where it started.

Jack, who was conducting my screening, talked through expectations and not only my source of pain but also my goals and why I wanted to eliminate the pain. Filled with hope and anticipation, Jack led me through into the well-equipped gym and began the screen. Using an iPad, he showed me the exercise video he wanted me to complete and asked me to replicate it looking at my body alignment. Once I had completed the exercise he wanted to know if I thought I was performing the movement incorrectly. He explained that if I thought about how I was moving then I could also change it.

This is something I had never thought about before, if I really thought about my movement and focused on it could I change and even improve it? We repeated each exercise several times until I could do it to the best of my ability, and after we answered several questions about my capabilities.

An hour had passed in the gym before we returned to his private consultation room, where I waited curiously to see the report of my screen. To my horror and Jack’s delight there was lots of red dots. He broke down the report for me explaining the low threshold, which affects day to day movement, and high which affects sports.  After years of unsure yes, no’s and maybes in regards to the health of my movement, my confidence has grown now that I am aware of what needs to be done.

If you would like to get in touch with Body Logic about your movement health and find out more about their practice, visit their website  

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