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Its Not About the Bike Fit

5th August 2016

Cycling Movement Screen Can Make Rider Just as Bespoke as Their 2 Wheeled Pride & Joy: It’s not about the bike fit

Cycling has never been so popular: The weekend of 30/31st of July saw the traffic of London grind to halt to make way for Ride London, as thousands gathered to watch the world’s best cyclists go head to head. Many of the stars of British Cycling turned out, hungry for another victory before the Olympic Games command all their attention. At the Olympics, Team GB cyclists often do rather well. It’s evident British Cycling have set unprecedented standards within not only their own discipline but across sport as a whole, with game changing mantras focusing on the marginal gains: Rio 2016 supplies another golden chance to inspire all and to achieve everything.

Maybe even more than running, riding a bike spans the gulf between mass participation to elite performance, connecting the London commuter and the rarefied air inhabited by the Tour de France peloton. Those clinicians, endeavouring to keep both the professional cyclist and the busy City worker performing at their best through some form of movement therapy, now have a new tool in their arsenal. The Cycling Matrix.

The Cycling Matrix is the latest Tour de Force within the range of Performance Matrix movement analysis software. Now available in TPM Pro clinics around the world, this online cycling movement analysis tool is leading from the front in managing riders’ issues both on and off the bike. Whether clients’ targets focus upon, pain, prevention, participation or sports performance there is a need for a change of gear with regards to mindsets, and rather placing sole attention on the bike itself, The Cycling Matrix concentrates on the rider. Although it is clear the biomechanical analysis that makes up the typical bike fit has revolutionised what is now available, almost on every high street, to every avid cyclist. The Cycling Matrix now brings elite standard movement management to every rider and not just their bikes.

Combine any biomechanics analysis of your pride and joy with a movement assessment to enhance efficiency of you and your 2 wheels. 

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