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Ironing out the movement issues, puts the Ironman in sight

10th November 2015

Ironing out the movement issues, puts the Ironman in sight; use the best to be better

The triathlete knows their sport is unforgiving; the multi-discipline mantra of swim, bike, run can takes its toll on the body, as our triathlete, in their mid-thirties could testify in February 2015.

During the 5-7 hours a week of training, stiffness was common, as was pain. The Achilles was hurting in training, the low back was hurting after. Recovery days were typified by sensations of more stiffness, more pain. Solutions were required just to ensure current levels of performance could be maintained, let alone enhanced.

World class choice

This triathlete decided to make a world class choice; they had their movement tested with what the best use to improve how they move. He contacted a TPM Pro clinic and requested to be tested on The Performance Matrix, the movement analysis system used in elite sport. Once tested, and presented with his results the aches, the pains and the performance deficits started to make sense. Scoring 38 out of a 50 (50/50 would be the worst score) it was clear there was plenty to work on.

Guided by what the testing had shown, a programme was written, followed 3-4 times a week and progressed every 3 to 6 weeks. Cycling and swimming were cut back and the running was pushed. More attention was paid to posture, during both work and training.

At the end of the Summer, a sprint distance triathlon let everybody know a wise chocie had been made as a time 6 minutes quicker than his previous best was logged. He describes the race as, ’ it was easy, no cramping, not the usual tiredness in muscles. Also, the days after, I wasn’t stiff and there wasn’t pain’.

Wanting more of the same our triathlete went back for a retest on The Performance Matrix. Things had certainly changed for the better as scores were down to 18/50, his hamstring range of motion also having improved by 25 degrees, a point supporting his feeling of ’less stiffness’.


Testing his mettle at the 11th hour;

Now down below 20 on his Performance Matrix score a new goal is insight,

’Because I feel like I know how to use my body right I’ve got the confidence to do what I’ve wanted to achieve for a long time so, I’m going for an Ironman and I want to get it done in under 11 hours.’

Whilst many triathletes are fully content with making their bike ever lighter, the bike fit ever more fitting for their body, finding and fixing the body itself appears to pay performance and day to day dividends.



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