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Heading for Movement Health Excellence at The Physio Clinic Bristol

12th April 2016

TPM Pro clinic owner Pete Tang from The Physio Clinic Bristol Ltd discusses becoming a centre of excellence for Movement Health, the value of movement for all, and making sure clients’ goals, both current and future, stay well within reach over their whole ‘movement’ lifespan.

Located in the heart of one of Europe’s largest housing estates, and close to 4 big business parks on the M4/5 interchange, the Bristol based clinic is very used to dealing with a huge range of clientele, each with their own movement related goals. For this TPM Pro clinic, the opportunity to continue spreading the Movement Health message is equally large.       

 How long has the clinic been in business?

We first opened our doors in 2007 renting a single treatment room in a private members gym.  9 years on we have expanded and now have our own reception and 3 treatment rooms.


Who are your usual clientele?

Given our location we see a broad range of people.  Our target market is focused on the sports injury side of things, but in reality we get everybody; it’s a really large range. From elite sportsmen and women to sedentary office individuals; the fit/active gym users and the older age patient; we provide a range of services for them all. One particular group who have taken TPM to their hearts are those in their 30-50s. I would describe them as possessing more time, more disposable income and more awareness of the need to look after their movement. Although time and finance are not the issue they’ve seen that their movement is the thing holding them back or preventing them doing the things they either want to do, or keep doing. We often hear clients tell us ‘feeling their movement is older than their years'. Another group of individuals we work with are those who want to take their current activity/sport to the next level, as they are transitioning from 10k to half marathon or full marathon, then triathlon an on to Iron Man. They want to make this progress without falling apart. 

What does it offer compared with what you could offer before?

Prior to TPM we offered movement solutions but TPM has given this process structure, both clinically and as a business. There is a clear package; a product clients can see, a process they can follow. The report TPM generates is a great selling tool, the screening process is also an eye opener; if you take your movement for granted it comes as a bit of a shock when you discover you can’t do what appears so simple.  Clinically, there is assessment, analysis, retraining and rescreening. Because the testing delivers a score, there is an objective measure, and something to aspire to. Previously, there wasn’t anything so tangible to show at the ‘end’ of the process of intervention. Pain was now absent and range of motion may be improved but, there was little else to show how far we had come and what we still need to address. We now have the chance to offer a ‘Pain to Performance’ model as opposed to potential long term clients drifting off once the pain was gone. The Exercise Catalogue is also very important to us, linking in so closely with the report. This all sits within the Movement Health philosophy we are spreading through the clinic and beyond.      


What is an example of a great success story the clinic has enjoyed working with a patient/client and using the system?

Really showing the off Movement Health concept is somebody who came to us with neck and low back pain. They were a sedentary office worker, initially scoring 39/50 on the Base Matrix. It was clear we wanted to not only manage their current symptoms but also make some real changes in their Movement Health. They followed the system to the letter, retraining in the way we agreed best. We’ve got their score down to 28/50 but more importantly the pain has gone and they are now a regular gym user, using their improved Movement Health in a very positive way. 

Another great story is a triathlete in that transition stage to half Iron Man. Post screening and retraining they have been able to increase their duration in running, which was their problem. Movement Health has allowed them to turn up the ‘pain free volume’, which now puts their goals in site.   

Where do you see the clinic in 2 and 5 years’ time?

In the next 2 years we will support all our staff in been able to share a Movement Health philosophy, attuned to this message, from Sports Massage to S&C. In 5 years, we will be established as ‘the’ centre of Movement Health excellence in this part of the world.

As the Government launches the 'One You' campaign targeting the health and wellbeing of the 40 plus age group, movement is going to become ever more key. Currently this activity and health focussed push is talking a lot about metabolic related issues including diabetes, obesity, diet and general exercise; but without movement and Movement Health to facilitate the long term adoption of a more active lifestyle these targets are going to be hard to meet.  The movement message is gaining momentum and we are delighted to be at the forefront of delivering this.

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