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Goodbye injury, hello Dubai: Netball sharp shooter heads to the World Champs

25th January 2017

TPM Active ‘…It’s the sign of Movement Health’. TPM Pro clinic owner Jacqueline Swart of the We Manage Movement Centre in Pretoria South Africa provides a great case study on how netball goal shooter Claudia Jarrard broke the cycle  that previously prevented her getting to the season’s end without an injury.

Netball goal shooter Claudia Jarrard could never get to the season’s end without an injury. This year, things were again not looking great. She missed the season’s start after suffering a low back problem. Determined not to carry on as she’d started out, she looked for a solution to her recurrent problems.

Initially treated at TPM Pro clinic ‘Manage Movement Centre’ with the Kinetic Control assessment and movement retraining approach her symptoms improved; the pain was dealt with, but what about the cycle of recurrence?

How could the cycle be broken so that Claudia could stay fixed?

In line with our Movement Health approach, we fast tracked her to our TPM Active process, assessing her movement, analysing her report and designing a retraining programme. Come the season’s end, she had remained injury free. Goal 1 (prevention) was achieved. Chosen for the Gauteng provincial team, she then won the prize for the ‘Best Senior Goal Shooter’ at her High School. Goal 2 (performance) was achieved. Capping it all off was her recent selection for the Junior National Team competing at the World Junior Championships in Dubai (December, 2016). Goal 3 (realising potential) was achieved.

Here at We Manage Movement it’s clear we helped Claudia to manage her own movement and performance, and remain injury free, a state managing to get her competing on the world stage. Clearly a sign of movement in good Movement Health.


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