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Movement Health at Forever Fysio

26th January 2016

TPM Active now available at Forever Fysio in nine clinics across Finland

Movement Health Messages

Forever Physio have caught the first wave of what’s becoming known as ‘Movement Health’; a concept revolving around the knowledge we can visit a movement expert to help us look after our movement, just as we might go to see a dentist; regular check-ups, and regular attention to preventing problems. This is what TPM Active offers; movement management for a lifetime, so that Forever’s clients can enjoy what this forward thinking chain supplies.


Take a look at this video the Forever Fysio team have put together showing some of the exercises in The Performance Matrix screen:





How TPM Active works

This dynamic movement health solution encompasses the following elements:

  • FIND: An online screen assesses you performing a series of specific movement test to identify the impairments responsible for injury risk
  • ANALYSE: The clinical reasoning evaluation algorithm assesses your movement efficiency profile and generates a bespoke TPM Active Report with your performance score including an in depth analysis of your results
  • FIX: Collaboratively work with your TPM movement specialist to develop and implement a personalised retraining package used at the heart if injury prevention in sport
  • With regular ongoing assessment you can monitor your progress, beat your previous score and enhance your performance.


If you are in Finland, and would like to get TPM Active Click here to find your nearest Movement Control Specialist - get an insight into your movement health together with a retraining programme to prevent future injuries and maximise performance.


Click here to visit the Forever Fysio website

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