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Elite movement management at SUF: Putting The Base & Foundation of Elite Movement Management in the hands of all

6th June 2016

When it comes to The Performance Matrix (TPM) and Kinetic Control (KC) education, SUF have done it all. The past 2 years has seen this ambitious TPM Pro clinic, in Espoo, Finland, adding to their sizable expertise by incorporating the elite movement management skills offered by TPM, and the movement focussed therapy of KC.

These world class skills are now being put to use with world class performers.   

Elite Performers

Supporting the long and winding road to Iron Man triathlon in Hawaii, SUF are helping pro triathlete ‘Minna K’ to stay injury free; but this is also about performance. Following her 2.59 Paris marathon and 1.24 Helsinki City Run (½ marathon), SUF are ensuring she puts in another great time in the upcoming Finnish Championships Half Triathlon (Joroinen).

A name familiar to fans of the English Premier League, Mikael Forssell is also benefiting from the SUF and TPM relationship. The highly experienced striker has maintained his goal scoring touch with HJK Helsinki as the club seek to get back on the European stage through domestic success. SUF are supporting the club’s injury prevention and performance, enhancing movement fundamentals for the club’s coaches to turn into winning performances on the pitch.

‘ …I felt the difference after only 2 weeks. I was able to turn much more comfortably, actually having less pain and more movement in my knee-joints

Generally, I feel more in control of my body and also I feel like I can move more freely on the pitch without being scared of turnings and twisting.’ - Mikael Forssell

Still within football, SUF have also established strong links with the Finnish FA, supplying movement management for the U17s, helping the next generation of Finnish internationals follow in the footsteps of Litmanen, Forssell, Hyypia and Niemi.

More than elite

The Team at SUFClearly, the SUF and TPM relationship is paying dividends, as more and more team and individual elite athletes’ movement is managed, enhancing both TPM’s and SUF’s reputation (some of the SUF team pictures left). Tony and Tero, the driving forces behind SUF’s vision, now want to take this potential of elite movement management can offer to all, not just the elite performer. Tony says,’ it’s great we have established this reputation within the world of sport, but what about the non-sports performers, how can we give them the same service, the same benefits? We want to give more health without pain or the risk of pain to the people of Espoo and Helsinki.’  

The Performance Matrix system is ideal for this. Nearly everyone without pain can be tested and their movement made more robust, their injury risk reduced. We do have our sport specific tests such as Football and Golf but ‘The Foundation Matrix’ and ‘The Base Matrix’ are perfect places to start the Movement Health journey. These tools empower the client instead of movement management remaining a passive process, such as manual therapy, in which they people ‘need’ a therapist to ‘fix’ them. Clients can take control of their movement; literally and metaphorically.

Clients more than patients

Of note, is the use of the term clients and not patients. When asked about this distinction it’s clear Tony is passionate about the difference. He says,’ patients need doctors, we are increasingly working with clients We want to work with more and more Movement Health patients. So far this goal is proving a success, not just in terms of client numbers, but also in the whole atmosphere of SUF. Tony happily identifies, ‘When I see people leaving their sessions with our team, they have big smiles, there’s lots of hugs…this is not normal for Finland!

Hear more from SUF  in an earlier blog post and visit their website here

Movement is changing things. Movement management is about changing lives.

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