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Body Logic Health launch Running Evolution

13th June 2016


Body Logic Health launch ‘Running Evolution’ combining years of running analysis expertise with TPM Pro’s elite movement management. It is very clear they are more than just in the running to take Movement Health, London wide.
In addition to being the ‘one stop movement shop’ for those Londoner’s progressing from pain to performance or just aiming to make their Movement Health more robust, TPM Pro clinic, ‘Body Logic Health’ in Battersea, also offer a running technique service. This part of the business is perfectly blended alongside the TPM Active Movement Health message as clinic owner Paul Goss makes clear.  

How long has the clinic been offering a running technique service?

We have been established as running coaches for the past five years although, ‘Running Evolution’ is a new development for us, combining our running coach skills with the movement analysis expertise of TPM Pro. This is something we have been refining over the past eighteen months and will formally launch in June 2016.

Who are your usual running clientele?

This varies greatly. Mostly, we see recreational runners trying to avoid injury, who enjoy their running and have running related personal goals. Of course, being in London means the time over the Winter and in to the Spring leading up to the London Marathon supplies us with one of our busiest times.  Marathon running provides some unique challenges with regards to training. To help our clients manage this, we work with technique training first, and then help set their programmes for training sessions, ensuring the volume they need is built on very solid foundations.

We also work with many triathletes through the Summer months. Although it is easier if they can work on their running technique in the off season, the enhanced movement efficiency and technique we target, once at Body Logic Health, really helps once they transition off the bike phase. The better athletes make this technique transition from bike to run quicker; we help triathletes do this.

Both these types of athletes work with us on speed training too, helping them fine tune before the big race, with wonderful results. The final group, and to some extent most thrilling to work with, is the kids. We work with kids from a movement literacy perspective, increasing their movement vocab; establishing a wide range of patterns of movement early on in their life creates good habits for them from the start.

How do you currently use TPM Pro alongside the Running Evolution?

Currently, the system is part of our running analysis assessment. Upon completing a video analysis of the runner actually running, the TPM movement analysis process is performed. This allows us to review a client from a skill and movement basis. It is easier to plan the individual training with such a wealth of information. We have seen over the years a combination of running skill and movement efficiency is required, and everyone has their strengths. It is identifying the weaknesses and building them into strengths that we have found is key to staying robust and performing better.

What does the combination of TPM and Running Evolution offer compared with what you could offer before?

Although we have been offering a running technique service for five years, TPM has offered us a new depth and perspective of analysis. Integrating muscle function and control of movement into our screening process of the athletes, means our clients benefit from a fully individualized training programme. The more closely they follow the plan, within the clinic, the better the results they achieve. It is about being able to enjoy your running, achieve your personal goals, and challenge your body, not break it!

What is an example of a great success story the clinic has enjoyed working with a patient/client and using the system?

I believe this quote from one of our clients best sums up the advantages of our running system;

‘Running Evolution has adapted my technique immeasurably to run longer distances, consistently faster all while remaining injury free - I am simply running better than I ever have.’ - Simon.

Where do you see the clinic in 2 and 5 years’ time?

Our aim is to become one of the key running injury prevention and performance centres in London, and I think with Running Evolution we have the set up and skill set to help so many runners develop to their individual goals and desires. We are working with people dedicated to their Movement Health and retraining strategies; this sums up our staff and clientele.

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Visit the Body Logic website here to find out about the services they offer and to arrange a TPM Active screening  putting movement health at the top of your agenda.

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