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Body Logic Health Gives us an insight to their Running Evolution

10th January 2017

Getting the best outcomes with his runners – Paul Goss talks about integrating his new Running Evolution along side his new TPM Pro clinic offerings.

What does the combination of TPM and Running Evolution offer compared with what you could offer before?

Although we have been offering a running technique service for five years, TPM has offered us a new depth and perspective of analysis. Integrating muscle function and control of movement into our screening process of the athletes, means our clients benefit from a fully individualized training programme. The more closely they follow the plan, within the clinic, the better the results they achieve. It is about being able to enjoy your running, achieve your personal goals, and challenge your body, not break it!

What is an example of a great success story the clinic has enjoyed working with a patient/client and using the system?

I believe this quote from one of our clients best sums up the advantages of our running system;

‘Running Evolution has adapted my technique immeasurably to run longer distances, consistently faster all while remaining injury free - I am simply running better than I ever have.’ - Simon.

Where do you see the clinic in 2 and 5 years’ time?

Our aim is to become one of the key running injury prevention and performance centres in London, and I think with Running Evolution we have the set up and skill set to help so many runners develop to their individual goals and desires. We are working with people dedicated to their Movement Health and retraining strategies; this sums up our staff and clientele.

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