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A mind full of movement - the peace of mind that is TPM Active

8th February 2016

A mind full of movement - the peace of mind that is TPM Active

Fed up of buzzfeed?

Mindfulness was a big story in 2015, a possible backlash to the 24 hour buzzfeed culture of Smart phones and the quest for Wi-Fi. People were seeking a way to get clear the mind; clarity matters. 2015 was also a pivotal year for movement, kicking off with our publication ‘Movement Health’; focussing on putting the mind into movement, the Movement Health message that was to grow and grow over the next 12 months.

Doing what I love? Priceless

If mindfulness was a response to the constant input of email, text, Twitter and the rest, Movement Health could be seen as a reaction to both the physical inactivity and postures associated with being glued to an electronic device. It also shone the spotlight directly on movement and why movement matters; movement is the vehicle allowing us to do the things we choose; the things we love and everything else. Movement matters and movement health supplied both the need and know-how to protect this priceless quality.

I’ve got a good mind to look for TPM Active

2016 requires us to be mindful of movement, both its value and how it can be made more robust, standing up to the challenges of the coming year. Eager to the fly the flag of Movement Health around the world, a growing group of highly skilled physios have joined the cause. Supplying a level of expertise, previously only available to elite sport, the TPM Active process is changing how we stay injury free, moving better and doing more. Mindful of movement’s value, TPM Active is giving the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in good Movement Health.

Move ‘Smart’ a smart move

Look out for TPM Active, get your movement sorted and find out what you can do when you put your mind to it.


How TPM Active works

This dynamic movement health solution encompasses the following elements:

  • FIND: An online screen assesses you performing a series of specific movement test to identify the impairments responsible for injury risk
  • ANALYSE: The clinical reasoning evaluation algorithm assesses your movement efficiency profile and generates a bespoke TPM Active Report with your performance score including an in depth analysis of your results
  • FIX: Collaboratively work with your TPM movement specialist to develop and implement a personalised retraining package used at the heart if injury prevention in sport
  • With regular ongoing assessment you can monitor your progress, beat your previous score and enhance your performance.


Check out this published article by The Performace Matrix's Warrick McNeill & Lincoln Blandford in  the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therpaies

McNeill W, Blandford L - 2015
Movement Health
Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies 2015 19: 150 -159



Click here to find your nearest Movement Control Specialist - get an insight into your movement health together with a retraining programme to prevent future injuries and maximise performance.

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