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Testimonial from TPM Active client at Moolman Physiotherapy

29th April 2019

We love a TPM Active success story. TPM Pro clinic based in South Africa received a brilliant testimonial from one of their TPM Active clients. 

What can a TPM Specialist do for you?

13th September 2018

No matter which category of TPM Active best describes you, our TPM Specialists realise everyone has their own unique movement patterns.

World Health Day - The Global Value of Movement

5th April 2019

The World Health Organisation (WHO) make clear that universal health coverage is their primary goal. Simply put, WHO identify the importance of ensuring that everyone can obtain the care they need, when they need it, right in the heart of the community. 

Cyclist Hanlie Snyman talks about her TPM story

6th March 2019

Cyclist Hanlie Snyman did a six week The Performance Matrix programme at the Moolman Physiotherapy clinic in South Africa. Check out her review! 

Southampton Football Club and the benefits of The Performance Matrix (TPM)

27th February 2019

Top flight football club Southampton FC discuss how the TPM system has been used within the club.

Being TPM Active

20th August 2018

A few examples from individuals who have undergone TPM Screening.

The Football Matrix and the footballer

10th July 2018

While some claim there is too much focus on ‘individuals’ within the team sport of football, we believe there is a need to give each player the best of what they, as an individual, need when it comes to protecting their career. This is where the Football Matrix comes in, read this blog post to find out more.

Movement - the new medicine.

20th June 2018

We all know the value of exercise and movement for health and wellbeing. Sarah Mottram talks through the motion of movement being a powerful alternative to medication.

Wondering why you are getting our GDPR emails?

You are probably curious to find out what GDPR actually means to you, the individual.

Hip Health Across the Lifespan

14th February 2018

 in young athletes and older adults

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