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What can a TPM Specialist do for you?

13th September 2018

No matter which category of TPM Active best describes you, our TPM Specialists realise everyone has their own unique movement patterns.

The Football Matrix and the footballer

10th July 2018

While some claim there is too much focus on ‘individuals’ within the team sport of football, we believe there is a need to give each player the best of what they, as an individual, need when it comes to protecting their career. This is where the Football Matrix comes in, read this blog post to find out more.

Hip Health Across the Lifespan

14th February 2018

 in young athletes and older adults

Pain to performance - a feel-good (better) story at every step

9th January 2018

In the presence of an acute injury, doubt can cloud the mind of even the most determined competitors.  Questions arise, ‘is this the end of sport for me?’, ‘how long before I can compete again?’.

elite alpine skier, Georgia Hallett, talks about the benefits of TPM

11th December 2017

For those well-prepared individuals, not adverse to dealing with a bit of risk, already planning for next year’s ski trip, there’s one more thing to add to your ‘to-do’ list...

The Irish Times checks out Poyntons Spine Care's SpineCheck

2nd November 2017

And values exercise for the prevention of recurrent back pain

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy the Go-To Clinic in Essex for Movement Health

5th July 2017

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy are using TPM Pro’s objectivity to find out who’s been doing their exercise and to ensure they become the ‘go-to’ clinic in Essex for ‘Movement Health’.

Prime Time for Movement Specialists

21st June 2017

TPM Pro clinics have long been home to Movement Specialists- now, it seems, a wider audience is tuning in to movement assessment and retraining for health and movement wellness.

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy the Go-To Clinic in Essex for Movement Health

24th May 2017

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy are using TPM Pro’s objectivity to find out who’s been doing their exercise and to ensure they become the ‘go-to’ clinic in Essex for ‘Movement Health’.

My TPM Active Journey: Why I Value Movement Part 2

28th March 2017

Following my first visit to the Body Logic clinic in Battersea with Jack who conducted my screen, sent through my report, goals and my suggested exercise retraining programme, I scanned through the documents remembering and repeating in my head what he had said as a mantra, “do not worry about the masses of red dots, things will change now!”

My TPM Active journey: Why I value movement Part 1

16th March 2017

It was three and half years ago, when the pain in my pelvis and back began, and so did the journey of establishing the relationship between movement and pain....

Goodbye injury, hello Dubai: Netball sharp shooter heads to the World Champs

25th January 2017

TPM Active ‘…It’s the sign of Movement Health’. TPM Pro clinic owner Jacqueline Swart of the We Manage Movement Centre in Pretoria South Africa provides a great case study on how netball goal shooter Claudia Jarrard broke the cycle  that previously prevented her getting to the season’s end without an injury.

Is your movement in good health?

14th December 2016

Finding the value in movement allows both clinicians and their clients to realise the potential of what Movement Health allows

What Is your movement mantra

8th November 2016

Whatever your passion is when it comes to sport and exercise the ‘eat, sleep, [insert your own choice], repeat’ mantra is probably what your perfect day might look like.

The Running Matrix: a finer resolution of movement screening for London Marathon runners

25th October 2016

Autumn, Winter, Spring: Run - with spots now released for the London Marathon people are getting their running shoes on, securing their places and planning the next six months of their lives.

TPM Pro Clinicians: More than injury prevention in sport

11th October 2016

Managing the human movement system is no trivial matter…

Golf Matrix- elite movement assessment available to all

8th September 2016

Team GB’s unprecedented success has spanned a wide range of sports, from the typical GB strongholds of rowing and cycling to the traditional Olympic sports Team GB has only recently made an impact on (men’s gymnastics, women’s hockey).

Which Matrix?

3rd June 2016

If Movement Health is about possessing more choices in movement, the choices on offer in terms of which Performance Matrix analysis tool to use raises many questions. Can too many choices be a bad thing? Here’s a simple set of recommendations to help both clinicians and TPM Active clients choose from this extensive range.

Body Logic Health and TPM Active

12th May 2016

Body Logic Health (BLH), set in the heart of vibrant Battersea, London, is a flagship site for TPM Pro clinics and the Movement Health philosophy.  Paul Goss talks about how they operate and how their clients get TPM Active

How long would you be able to continue exercising?

4th May 2016

Top Performance Delta in The Netherlands have been working with The Performance Matrix, offering the innovative testing and training system to clients as an efficient method to help them continue to be optimally fit.

TPM Active for the Amateur Elite Athlete

20th April 2016

The self-funded athlete needs to be self-reliant, confident in their abilities, confident in their body. Once the race, game or match has started, winning or losing is in their hands; the confidence that comes from believing their body is robust means the key to success can also lie in their heads.

TPM Active for The Pro Athlete

13th April 2016

Maybe nobody knows the value of movement more than the professional athlete. When your livelihood depends on how you move, any tool that keeps you in the game might just be priceless, certainly when you know careers are short and unpredictable.

Heading for Movement Health Excellence at The Physio Clinic Bristol

12th April 2016

TPM Pro clinic owner Pete Tang from The Physio Clinic Bristol Ltd discusses becoming a centre of excellence for Movement Health, the value of movement for all, and making sure clients’ goals, both current and future, stay well within reach over their whole ‘movement’ lifespan. 

TPM Active for The Serious Recreational

31st March 2016

Although it’s not their job, they train like it is! Making up the majority of those actively seeking TPM Active, this group knows injury stops them doing the thing they love to do.

TPM Active for the Wellness Minded

23rd March 2016

Wellness, mindful movements and the resurgence of techniques such as meditation to combat and skilfully navigate the buzzfeed of daily life are all over social media and beyond. So where is the connection between Wellness and TPM Active?

Spotlight on RehabLab Physiotherapy

21st March 2016

TPM Pro clinic RehabLab Physiotherapy take Movement Health to the Isle of Mann

TPM Active - which one suits you best?

9th March 2016

Whilst the Movement Health message steadily makes its way through the clinics, gyms and digital media pages of 2016, the question of who needs Movement Health, arises.

The Plank revisited

1st February 2016

Is it time or attention that pays dividends in trunk conditioning?

Movement Health at Forever Fysio

26th January 2016

Innovative new concept

If a runner can not run, are they still a runner?

10th November 2015

If a runner can’t run, are they still a runner? Protect your identity

What does TPM Active stand for?

4th November 2015

Looking after your movement health

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