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Cyclist Hanlie Snyman talks about her TPM story

6th March 2019

Cyclist Hanlie Snyman did a six week The Performance Matrix programme at the Moolman Physiotherapy clinic in South Africa. Check out her review! 

Southampton Football Club and the benefits of The Performance Matrix (TPM)

27th February 2019

Top flight football club Southampton FC discuss how the TPM system has been used within the club.

Being TPM Active

20th August 2018

A few examples from individuals who have undergone TPM Screening.

My TPM Active journey: Why I value movement Part 1

16th March 2017

It was three and half years ago, when the pain in my pelvis and back began, and so did the journey of establishing the relationship between movement and pain....

Goodbye injury, hello Dubai: Netball sharp shooter heads to the World Champs

25th January 2017

TPM Active ‘…It’s the sign of Movement Health’. TPM Pro clinic owner Jacqueline Swart of the We Manage Movement Centre in Pretoria South Africa provides a great case study on how netball goal shooter Claudia Jarrard broke the cycle  that previously prevented her getting to the season’s end without an injury.

Body Logic Health Gives us an insight to their Running Evolution

10th January 2017

Getting the best outcomes with his runners – Paul Goss talks about integrating his new Running Evolution along side his new TPM Pro clinic offerings

TPM Pro clinic Liberty Physio helping you to move better

9th December 2016

Liberty Physio & Rehab provides professional physiotherapy and rehabilitation, using the proven Performance Matrix methodology, read on to watch their helpful video.

Breaking the Pain Cycle and Riding to the World Champs

14th November 2016

Sometimes how we do what we love gets in the way of actually doing it.

The Running Matrix: a finer resolution of movement screening for London Marathon runners

25th October 2016

Autumn, Winter, Spring: Run - with spots now released for the London Marathon people are getting their running shoes on, securing their places and planning the next six months of their lives.

Keeping The Nordic Edge

8th July 2016

In a euro tournament where the heroes of Icelandic football have left some big reputations in tatters, a fellow Nordic international reflects on his Movement Health and TPM Pro experience.

Pooling our efforts all the way to the podium

18th November 2015

Pernille Thomsen from Denmark feedbacks on a case review

Ironing out the movement issues, puts the Ironman in sight

10th November 2015

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