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The Running Matrix: a finer resolution of movement screening for London Marathon runners

25th October 2016

Autumn, Winter, Spring: Run - with spots now released for the London Marathon people are getting their running shoes on, securing their places and planning the next six months of their lives.

Sport begins (& continues) at 40

16th August 2016

Although both firmly established as part of TPM Active, one would think it easy to distinguish between the older and active client and the pro athlete.

Running from pain to performance - part 3

18th July 2016

Part 3 - Programme Design and Goal Achievement.  In part one and part two of this series of articles we discussed how an athletes history of injury can be linked to movement faults identified in their ‘Running Matrix’ screen. 

Part 2- Screening and Movement Analysis for Runners

28th June 2016

Screening and Movement Analysis for Runners – The What, Why and How of Running Movement Analysis? As highlighted in the first part of this series of articles there is a pressing  need to assess movement control   in runners, a process ultimately identifying  ‘weak links’

How to run from pain to performance - part 1

20th June 2016

This is the first of a three-part blog looking at running injuries and the application of The Running Matrix – Movement and Performance Screen, as a tool to help reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance in runners.

Body Logic Health launch Running Evolution

13th June 2016

Body Logic Health launch ‘Running Evolution’ combining years of running analysis expertise with TPM Pro’s elite movement management. It is very clear they are more than just in the running to take Movement Health, London wide.

If a runner can not run, are they still a runner?

10th November 2015

If a runner can’t run, are they still a runner? Protect your identity

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