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Testimonial from TPM Active client at Moolman Physiotherapy

29th April 2019

We love a TPM Active success story. TPM Pro clinic based in South Africa received a brilliant testimonial from one of their TPM Active clients. 

Golf Matrix- elite movement assessment available to all

8th September 2016

Team GB’s unprecedented success has spanned a wide range of sports, from the typical GB strongholds of rowing and cycling to the traditional Olympic sports Team GB has only recently made an impact on (men’s gymnastics, women’s hockey).

How long would you be able to continue exercising?

4th May 2016

Top Performance Delta in The Netherlands have been working with The Performance Matrix, offering the innovative testing and training system to clients as an efficient method to help them continue to be optimally fit.

TPM Active for the Amateur Elite Athlete

20th April 2016

The self-funded athlete needs to be self-reliant, confident in their abilities, confident in their body. Once the race, game or match has started, winning or losing is in their hands; the confidence that comes from believing their body is robust means the key to success can also lie in their heads.

Foundation Matrix used as measurement tool in elite youth soccer

13th October 2015
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