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Southampton FC hosts The 2018 Movement Conference

27th March 2018

The Football Matrix and the footballer

10th July 2018

While some claim there is too much focus on ‘individuals’ within the team sport of football, we believe there is a need to give each player the best of what they, as an individual, need when it comes to protecting their career. This is where the Football Matrix comes in, read this blog post to find out more.

Movement - the new medicine.

20th June 2018

We all know the value of exercise and movement for health and wellbeing. Sarah Mottram talks through the motion of movement being a powerful alternative to medication.

Wondering why you are getting our GDPR emails?

You are probably curious to find out what GDPR actually means to you, the individual.

Hip Health Across the Lifespan

14th February 2018

 in young athletes and older adults

Pain to performance - a feel-good (better) story at every step

9th January 2018

In the presence of an acute injury, doubt can cloud the mind of even the most determined competitors.  Questions arise, ‘is this the end of sport for me?’, ‘how long before I can compete again?’.

elite alpine skier, Georgia Hallett, talks about the benefits of TPM

11th December 2017

For those well-prepared individuals, not adverse to dealing with a bit of risk, already planning for next year’s ski trip, there’s one more thing to add to your ‘to-do’ list...

Look after your movement at TPM Centres USA

13th November 2017

The Irish Times checks out Poyntons Spine Care's SpineCheck

2nd November 2017

And values exercise for the prevention of recurrent back pain

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy the Go-To Clinic in Essex for Movement Health

5th July 2017

Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy are using TPM Pro’s objectivity to find out who’s been doing their exercise and to ensure they become the ‘go-to’ clinic in Essex for ‘Movement Health’.

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