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The reason why elite athletes care about Movement Health – and how everyone can benefit from TPM Active

Movement Health is about helping you to move more freely and easily. It’s very simple, it is about the health of your movement. TPM Active helps you optimise your movement so you have the best chance to do the things you want.

Even the best athletes find that their body does not always move in the way they want it to.  
It can be like having a few letters missing from your keyboard.  There are certain words that you just can’t spell, and others that get over-used.  The same can happen with your movement.

TPM is a well-proven Movement Health system used by thousands of elite athletes globally to:

1. Assess Movement

2. Analyse where improvements can be made

3. Design bespoke movement re-training programmes to help you achieve your goals

4. Track improvements over time for long term Movement Health

Southhampton Football Club quote

"TPM movement management system plays a pivotal role in our injury prevention process"

Southampton Football Club

TPM Active is now available to everyone
from a growing global network of Specialists.
Don’t just function - perform

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Here’s how TPM Active works

It’s easy to improve your Movement Health:

Graphic explaining how TPM Active works

    Find a TPM Movement Specialist near you

TPM Active is delivered by a growing global network of TPM Movement Specialists. 

TPM Active Movement Specialist are movement focused professionals including Physiotherapists, Strength & Conditioning & Sports coaches, Pilates Instructors, Injury Prevention/Rehab/Sport Specialists.

And they love using TPM Active because it brings such significant results – helping people like you to move more freely.

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TPM Active is the sign of Movement Health

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Advanced technology to assess your Movement Health

All TPM Active Movement Specialists use state of the art movement analysis software to identify the current level of your Movement Health.

TPM Active combines current scientific evidence from medical and sport performance to give you the best movement management for whatever your goal.

The technology behind TPM Active is scientifically proven

For example, a recent academic paper in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine concluded that our technology enables TPM Active Movement Specialists to reach accurate, reliable and consistent conclusions.

Invest in your long-term Movement Health

By improving your state of Movement Health, TPM Active allows you to move more freely.

As a result, you can exert more choice and control over the way you move.  You can also benefit from increased flexibility, more suppleness, and fewer injuries.

This is an investment for the long-term – reducing stress on your body and enabling you to benefit from better Movement Health for years to come. 


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Reduce pain
& recurrence

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Increase participation

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Improve performance

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Reduce risk of injury

Here’s what some of them say:

We believe The Performance Matrix has played a contributing role in the club’s success, on and off the field.
Southampton Football Club

“I felt the difference after just two weeks.  I feel more in control of my body and like I can move more freely on the pitch, without being scared of twisting and turning.”
Mikael Forssell, Finnish international footballer

To see more TPM success stories, visit our blog >

We’ve helped tens of thousands of people improve their Movement Health

TPM Active is delivered by a global network of accredited movement specialists.

They use it for everyone – from people recovering from injury, to those who enjoy an active lifestyle, right through to elite athletes and top sports teams.

Here’s what some of them say about TPM Active.

“We had a triathlete who injured their back.  We tested and retrained using TPM.  They are now injury free and have returned to competition, recently completing an Iron Man.”

Roger Cleary, Liberty Physio, UK

“TPM allows us to give our clients back a quality to their lives.  It enhances their freedom of movement, enabling them to train for a specific goal or, in some cases, allows them to move for the first time without pain.”

Clare Pedersen, Arena Fysio, UK

“A client came to us with neck and low back pain. They were a sedentary office worker, and we wanted to manage their current symptoms and make some real changes in their Movement Health. After following the TPM system, the pain has gone and they are now a regular gym user.”

Pete Tang, The Physio Clinic, UK

Clinically proven to improve your Movement Health

(bringing better performance, less pain and fewer injuries)

TPM Active is based on academic research and backed by years of practical experience. The team behind TPM are recognised as the Movement Health leaders.

It’s been covered extensively in the specialist sports and fitness media.

Our founders have also written text books and contributed to a wide range of academic and scientific journals – like the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, the International Journal of Sports Medicine, the Journal of Athletic Training and the Sports Injury Bulletin.

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Image of resource

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Backed by a team of Movement Health professionals

TPM Active was developed by the world’s most experienced Movement Health practitioners.

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Picture of Sarah Mottram

Sarah Mottram


A Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, Sarah is co-author of Kinetic Control, The Management of Uncontrolled Movement, published by Elsevier, and has contributed to more than 20 academic papers.  As part of her elite consultancy, she works closely with English Premier League teams, integrating movement analysis and retraining into their player management programmes.

Picture of Mark Comerford

Mark Comerford


Contributing to university courses in the UK and Australia, Mark sits on the board of Sports Medicine, Australia.  Co-author of Kinetic Control, The Management of Uncontrolled Movement, published by Elsevier, his consultancy clients have included the Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards, West Side Dance & Physical Therapy, City Ballet, Vermeil Sport & Fitness and Athletes’ Performance (USA).

As TPM ambassadors, they present regular Movement Health masterclasses internationally, and are backed by a full time team of TPM movement professionals.

For more details on our team, and their passion for Movement Health...

Everyone can improve their Movement Health

Whatever your fitness level or your age, whichever sport or leisure activity you enjoy, TPM Active can help you benefit from better Movement Health.

If you like staying active, TPM Active will be for you if:

You enjoy recreational activities and exercise
Pain on movement holds you back from enjoying your favourite pastimes
You are struggling to find an effective solution for an existing injury
You don’t think you’re injured… but feel something’s not quite right

Or, if you’re involved in sports and fitness, TPM Active will be for you if:


You are focussed on improving your performance
You worry that a recurrent injury may limit your training regime
You are preparing for a challenge and need to avoid injury
You want to identify your movement weaknesses, assess the risks and then take control through positive action

What to do now…

To enable you to benefit from better Movement Health, contact your nearest TPM Active Movement Specialist.

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