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World class movement assessment and retraining to empower you to move at your best
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Bring better resilience into movement efficiency
the expertise that helps everyone to improve the health of their movement

TPM Active enables everyone to access an academic research-backed movement evaluation system. From elite athletes to active and wellness minded people, TPM Active offers a complete system designed to help clients achieve their goals. Enabling clients to maintain the health of their movement for performance and wellbeing.

TPM Active system tracks movement efficiency to provide the TPM Active Movement Specialist with a full report. The report includes an analysis identifying the site, direction & threshold® of movement impairments to help direct bespoke retaining programme. Based on the movement analysis report, movement specialists will specify the retraining programme to meet clients’ different targets.

TPM Active gives you easy access to the world’s best
movement specialists, analysis and retraining system.

It allows you to realise your potential in your movement efficiency, for the long-term, enabling you to enjoy life and participate in activities you love for longer. From elite athletes to those focused on health and wellbeing, TPM enables you to achieve your goals.

The system combines the latest scientific evidence from medical and sport performance to give you the best movement management for activity, performance and participation. TPM Active is a solution focused approach for each and every individual.

wellness minded, serious recreational, older & active, Pro & amateur athlete

Here’s how TPM Active works

It’s easy to improve your Movement Health:

Graphic explaining how TPM Active works

10 ways to benefit from better Movement Health

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TPM Active is delivered by a growing global network of TPM Active Movement Specialists. 

TPM Active Movement Specialist are movement focused professionals including Physiotherapists, Strength & Conditioning & Sports coaches, Pilates Instructors, Injury Prevention/Rehab/Sport Specialists.

And they love using TPM Active because it brings such significant results – helping people like you to move more freely.

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TPM Active is the sign of Movement Health

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Even the best athletes find that their body does not always move in the way they want it to:

These are just a few examples. We could give you thousands more.

In each case, it might be down to an old injury, a bad habit, or just the way your body is built. But, whatever the cause, you are prevented from moving or performing at your very best - and may be prone to recurring injuries.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of people improve their Movement Health

The Performance Matrix is delivered by a global network of accredited movement specialists.

They use it for everyone – from people recovering from injury, to those who enjoy an active lifestyle, right through to elite athletes and top sports teams.

Heres what some of them say:

“We believe The Performance Matrix has played a contributing role in the club’s success, on and off the field.”

Southampton Football Club

“I felt the difference after just two weeks. I feel more in control of my body and like I can move more freely on the pitch, without being scared of twisting and turning.”

Mikael Forssell,
Finnish international footballer

To see more TPM success stories, visit our blog

Everyone can improve their Movement Health

Whatever your fitness level or your age, whichever sport or leisure activity you enjoy, TPM Active can help you benefit from better Movement Health.

If you like staying active, TPM Active will be for you if:

You enjoy recreational activities and exercise
Pain on movement holds you back from enjoying your favourite pastimes
You are struggling to find an effective solution for an existing injury
You don’t think you’re injured… but feel something’s not quite right

Or, if you’re involved in sports and fitness, TPM Active will be for you if:


You are focussed on improving your performance
You worry that a recurrent injury may limit your training regime
You are preparing for a challenge and need to avoid injury
You want to identify your movement weaknesses, assess the risks and then take control through positive action

TPM Active

The TPM Pro Accredited Clinic and Centres, deliver TPM Active - expertise in movement to give individuals the best quality of life for a lifetime of activity, achievement, performance and participation.

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