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The Performance Solution

Our  8 day-2 part modular training programme

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The Performance Solution supplies the answer to movement analysis, retraining and programme development
and includes The Business Solution

Comprehensive modular education process forms part of The TPM Pro system - designed to give you the tools and knowledge to build movement management into your business and your clients/patients's health


The Performance
Matrix Platform:

  • Licence for The Performance Matrix Movement & Performance Screen - access to use unique online movement assessment to identify movement faults (weak links detailed by site, direction and threshold (alignment & coordination or strength and speed deficits) - detailed client report
  • The Movement Health Solution - 8 days to fine tune movement assessment and to revolutionise your business
  • Online exercise catalogue - hundreds of exercises, perfectly crafted to match the results of the client's report. Allows easy design of client/athlete focussed exercise catalogues and training programmes
  • The Business Solution - to make the TPM work for you
  • Become part of TPM Pro Network
This course will enable you to become a Movement Specialist:
  • Improve movement efficiency
  • Optimise musculoskeletal health
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Enhance  performance

The comprehensive route to becoming a movement wizard!

Course Outline

Part 1:
Movement Health

  • The Movement Health concept, TPM Active message & brand and TPM Pro clinic offering
  • Multi-joint, cognitive based, movement assessment at low & high threshold plus, the trademarked tool of ‘site, direction & threshold’ ®
  • Apply The Performance Matrix (TPM) online testing and risk algorithm
  • Movement assessment report analysis, clinical reasoning and Movement Health goal setting
  • Introduction to retraining at low and high threshold (direction control & muscle specific approaches)
  • Business of Movement: successfully implement the TPM Pro clinic process into your current business set-up

Part 2:
Movement Management

  • Advanced multi-joint testing: matching the right Matrix to the TPM Active client’s goals
  • Movement Health case studies
  • Retraining: advanced exercise design and exercise delivery for the TPM Active client
  • Understanding & applying the ‘Movement Efficiency Model’ based on Comerford & Mottram’s (2012) Muscle Classifications
  • Managing restrictions and the movement impairments accompanying a loss of range/extensibility
  • Session design: long term movement management and how to plan programmes around low and high threshold retraining. Apply ‘classic’ motor control skills alongside strength & conditioning principles.
  • Develop movement teaching skills; cueing, feedback and tools to bias synergists within a synergy
  • Getting on board TPM Pro Network

What you Get

This course will enable you to find an individual's uncontrolled movement, and design/deliver a specific
retraining programme, to:

• Improve movement efficiency

• Optimise musculoskeletal health

• Reduce risk of injury

• Enhance  performance


The courses is suitable for sports, exercise and medical professionals including:

  • Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and other medical professionals
  • Sports Therapists & rehabilitation professionals
  • Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors Level 3 & 4
  • Pilates Instructors
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Exercise and Sports Scientists / Physiologists
  • Sports Coaches and Managers
  • Occupational Health Workers
  • Performing Artists


Participants MUST be able to demonstrate that the course material is within their scope of
practice and that they have appropriate professional liability insurance to cover them for their attendance
on the course and their course content

"All of you are inspirational in your knowledge and teaching . This course has convinced me that The Performance Matrix is able to provide the badly needed link to Better Movement health in all ages/fitness levels and is the ultimate tool for athletes."

Key Features

Invest in the opportunity to:

Put movement health at the heart of your business
Improve movement efficency, optimise musculskeletal health,
reduce risk of injury and enhance performance

  • The Performance Matrix Movement & Performance Screens - what it is and how to use it
  • Identify weak links (uncontrolled movement) using The Performance Matrix Movement & Performance Screens
  • Understanding site, direction and threshold
  • Relevant functional anatomy & physiology that underpins the system
  • The development and implementation of individual training programmes, based on an individual’s profile of uncontrolled movement.
  • Training is progressed towards functional tasks/activities.
  • Priorities for retraining are explored in terms of low and high threshold
  • Development of a variety of options for retraining control of low and high threshold uncontrolled movement (weak links)
  • Linking site and direction to exercise catalogue
  • Analysis of potential restrictions in contractile (muscle) that cause painful compensations
  • Includes online eLearning resources
  • TPM Buisness Solution

Learning Outcomes

Following this module the students should be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of movement control in:
    • improving movement efficiency
    • optimising musculoskeletal health
    • reducing risk of injury
    • enhancing  performance
  •   Explore the value of Movement Health
  • Use The Performance Matrix Movement & Performance Screens to identify movement impairments using low threshold and high threshold movement control tests
  • Interpret the movement screen report
  • Design and implementation of an individual's training programme, based on an individual’s profile of movement impairments
  • Apply principles of low threshold retaining
  • Be proficient in applying strength & speed training to control high threshold weak links, using dissociation and range control strategies and exercises
  • Demonstrate the use of body load and exercise equipment in movement training to recover low threshold and high threshold weak links
  • Demonstrate improved cueing and facilitation strategies

and pre-course Preparation


Observation of movement is a key element of the practical component of this course, so please wear
appropriate clothing (e.g. sports attire).

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