The Performance Matrix


Suzanne Tang

If you asked Suzanne to describe her work in one sentence, she would say,
”I help people to learn how to move ‘better’, so that they can do whatever they want, for life; I teach fellow movement professionals TPM, so they can do this too.’

Working as a physiotherapist in private practice, Suzanne is also a accomplished “movement trainer”, qualified as both a Pilates and GYROKINESIS® instructor, and a highly experienced educator, as both a Kinetic Control and TPM tutor. Her clients range from people with very different goals; those with acute pain presentations, often seeking a solution to restore pain-free function to dancers/athletes looking to enhance performance. They are also diverse in age range, including the very young, the elderly and everyone in between. One goal they are share is to “move better, feel better and perform better.” Trained in ballet and Chinese folk dance for more than 15 years, allowed Suzanne to develop what she describes as ‘a special sense’ of movement. Therefore, even before beginning her formal physiotherapy education, Suzanne feels that her dance experience helped her to be aware that the essentials of both ‘remarkable performance’ and injury avoidance, lay in the ‘efficient’ use of ‘muscles and movement patterns’.

Through graduating as a physiotherapist from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan, Suzanne gained further insight into neuro-musculoskeletal health as a whole. She recognized injury risk reduction, performance enhancement, and long-term quality of life as being closely connected to the state of ‘health’ of an individual’s movement system. Teaching TPM has allowed her to deliver and share not only a systemized, efficient tool but also a set of principles that allow the ‘health of movement’ to be assessed, analysed and enhanced for the long-term. When first exposed to TPM (The Performance Matrix) and its principles, Suzanne explains,

‘a lot of questions in my mind were clarified. Every individual moves ‘differently’, there is not a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. In fact, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ unless it’s out of control. The key is control. As for the TPM system itself, I was amazed by both its efficiency and its effectiveness; elements that help build client compliance and goal achievement in the long-term’. Suzanne believes that TPM enables “movement professionals” to possess a more in depth understanding of movement, and how to influence it for sustained injury risk reduction, performance enhancement and improved quality of life. Simply put, TPM helps her clients move better, feel better and perform better, and she wants to share this tool with the world.






除了擔任自費物理治療師外,士萱老師也是一名「動作訓練員」,教授彼拉提斯 (Pilates) 以及脊椎螺旋運動 (GYROKINESIS®)外,也是教學經驗豐富的 Kinetic Control 及 TPM(The Performance Matrix) 講師。


士萱老師的個案包括長期飽受肌肉骨骼疼痛的患者、希望能提升表現的舞者/運動員;從小孩到年長者皆有。這些個案都有同樣的目標­­­──「動得更輕鬆,過得更舒適,表現得更出色 (move better, feel better and perform better.) 」!






當她更加深入鑽研動作科學,並接觸 TPM(The Performance Matrix) 系列課程後,許多心中的疑問得到了更清楚的解答。她領悟到每個人都使用自己獨特的方式使用身體,並沒有絕對的對與錯,問題是發生在失去控制身體的能力時。關鍵是「控制」的能力。


TPM 讓士萱老師能以有效率的方式找出客戶的動作問題並給予適當的訓練,同時也看見了個案突飛猛進的改善與進步。

士萱老師說:「 TPM 這套系統使用起來非常有效率,成效也十分令我驚艷。客戶接受 TPM 檢測及訓練後,效果非常顯著,不只訓練員看得到,客戶也感受到自己身體的變化,感覺到能使用更有效率的方式使用自己的身體;同時系統的數據分析將客戶的進步量化,將訓練的效果以客觀的方式呈現。」


士萱老師教授 TPM 系統課程,不僅分享系統化、高效率的工具,還分享評估及提升長期“動作健康”的原則與理論。


TPM 能使「動作專家」對動作有更深一層的了解,更加清楚如何全面地評估,如何為個案訂定動作訓練計畫,使訓練效果更加顯著及有效率,協助個案有效降低受傷風險、提升表現、提升健康與生活品質。


士萱老師希望能與全世界分享 TPM 這套工具,使「動作專家」以有效率的方式協助個案「動得更輕鬆,過得更舒適,表現得更出

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