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The Performance Matrix

Movement and Performance Analysis and Movement
Retraining Systems for Everyone

Elevating Movement at All Levels

Moving well gives you the freedom to live a fulfilling lifestyle. With three distinct platforms, The Performance Matrix’s comprehensive movement analysis and retraining systems offer you unparalleled choice for improving and extending movement health. From active individuals to the highest performing athletes and professional sports clubs, The Performance Matrix movement analysis system delivers comprehensive solutions to take you beyond your current state in either a personal or occupational capacity.

Whatever your vision, we can help you reach your goals.

For Your Practice

The Business of Movement

Developed for clinicians and business owners - our dynamic business solution equips you with a complete movement management system and qualifies you to deliver TPM Active to your clients.

Is this for your practice?

Complement your existing expert skills - our state of the art digital health offering improves your day-to-day practice…

  • Deliver a complete client focused service
  • Attain the competitive advantage over other practitioners
  • Provide a world class service whilst significantly increasing your revenue

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For You

TPM Active
Staying active and
preventing injury

Designed to provide a simple, structured approach to maintaining everyone’s movement health - TPM Active uses an innovative platform originally designed for elite sportspeople.

TPM Active
Is this for you?

TPM Active – Is this for you?
Continue enjoying your lifestyle choices with an accessible and engaging solution for anyone who values being active.

  • Places your movement health in your hands
  • Give yourself the chance to do more… assist recovery, improve your performance and go the extra mile
  • Stop pain, prevent injury and move better

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For Your Team or Club

TPM Elite
Elite Movement Management

Delivering consultancy, elite sport’s injury prevention and performance insurance - our most advanced movement management system is designed for implementation within all pro sports environments.

TPM Elite
Is this for your team or club?

Consistently deliver the highest standards of competitive performance in your professional practitioner role with our high level technical consultancy and support.

  • Maintain your team and squads continuity
  • Reduce the cost of injury and protect the long-term value of your playing assets
  • Identify, monitor and develop the talent of your sportspeople to its full potential

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TPM is Worldwide

We have an international network of TPM Active Movement Specialists.


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