The Performance Matrix

TPM Pro Masterclass

6th October 2015


Clinic owners from around the country indulged in 2 days of movement management expertise delivered by Mark Comerford and Lincoln Blandford.

The content got the minds working and social media networks busy – here are some of our favourite:

  • Fantastic morning with Mark Comerford’s concept of both high and low threshold sling systems in the body – and how to train them
  • In depth analysis of adductor magnus – controlling hip medial rotation, flexion and sidebend- and why it’s not the 5th hamstring  
  • Running economy requires efficient choice in movement – The Running Matrix asks the movement question
  • Movement heath is an option- give your body the choice to move injury free
  • Where does video analysis of movement sit alongside cognitive testing? – we need to ask the movement question
  • A movement health philosophy – it’s not just what you can do for your movement, it’s what your movement can do for you.
  • TPM Pro clinic owner (Body Logic Health), Paul Goss, ‘I’m thrilled to hosting the TPM Pro Masterclass this weekend in London’


What was on:


  • The Matrix Year – past & future


  • A-Z of Movement – Why movement matters 
  • The Movement Management Model- Synergists
  • Running Economy, Plyometrics & Movement Analysis
  • Session design – factoring low and high into a client’s take home
  • Slings & things
  • Mobiliser Training
  • The Business Solution - Message to end user

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