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Mark Comerford's recent Movement Masterclass Sweden

5th November 2015

A summary of Mark Comerford's Movement Masterclass at Arena Fysio in Sweden

The focus of the course was ‘how can we understand movement & movement impairments’

The 2 day course looked in depth at:

  • the value of linked kinetic chain movement analysis
  • why do cognitive movement control tests
  • what is the difference between these and functional movement tests
  • clinical decision making in the management of kinesio-pathology including clinical priorities
  • what to train e.g is there a need for transversus abdominus retraining? -  when and how
  • looking at global muscle retraining including phasic rehab of the mobilisers
  • a focus on synergistic patterns



Here's some feedback from the participant at th training:


We really enjoyed Marks course, his sound knowledge and understanding in rehab and retraining is quite unique.  

His clinical expertise brought a new dimension to our way of working.

The weekend had a big practical component in which Mark taught, explained and demonstrated principles of training and exercises that any health professional could use to improve their practice.

The biggest thing was the structure to retraining, Mark makes it easier to understand where the clients are in this process and teaches many strategies to successfully move them forward.

We at Arena Fysio highly recommend this course to anyone working clinically in the world of rehab and retraining.


The next Movement Weekend takes place on 15-16 October 2016 in the UK - keep an eye out for more details on this event


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