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Andy has been using The Performance Matrix in his chain of clinics now since the launch of the Platform. Summit Physio is a sports injury and physiotherapy company who specialise in movement dysfunction and functional rehabilitation.
Andy Hosgood himself has a particularly interest in movement dysfunction and the prevention and correction of chronic or overuse injuries, with a special area interest in how lumbo-pelvic mechanics combines with the hip or lower limbs. Andy continues to pass on his passion in this field working with professional and elite amateur sportsmen and women providing them withmanagement based on his wealth of knowledge and experience.

What Andy has to say about The Performance Matrix in his Clinic:

“The main thing is that it is easy to use, you get given the actual site and direction that you need to control.  So this very specific answer then allows me as a clinician to save time, correcting the fault with a specific and individual corrective programme for my clients needs. It helps eliminate a lot of complex thoughts as a clinician, because the algorithm gives you the answer, whilst giving the patient something they can relate to and work towards.

At Summit Physio we are keen on looking at injury prevention from day one, for anyone, from a recreational athlete, to just a method of coping with stress, it’s universally beneficial to help prevent reccurring injuries. Ultimately, once pain has gone we want to look at the cause and give you an answer, and The Performance Matrix is a big part is helping us achieve that. “

Summit Physio Performance Matrix Client Testimonials

At Summit Physio, Andy uses The Performance Matrix on a range of people, from elite professional fighters, to a recreational golfer. Here are some examples of who’s been using it, and what for:

Paul Sass – Professional Mixed Martial Artist (14 Wins 2 Losses)  

Paul Sass


Andy has used The Performance Matrix with Paul as part of his rehabilitation programme, built in within his day to day training, Paul looks to The Performance Matrix to help him with his performance and injury prevention results.

Kate Hewson - Professional Triathlete ranked top 20 in the world


Kate used Performance Matrix screening by Summit Physio as part of her prevention program in pre season training. This was due to a long standing history or reoccurring injuries that she wanted to actively address. The Performance Matrix will be used as part of Kate’s performance programme also once in full training.

Eugene Fadiora (13 Wins 1 Loss) – Professional Mixed Martial Artist

     Eugene Fadiora

Eugene found himself working with Summit Physio to be screened because of a long standing shoulder injury. Which after his movement assessment and corrective program was able to make a full recovery and now been pain free for 2 years!

Mike Grundy - GB Freestyle Wrestler

Mike Grundy

Mike came to Andy having been freestyle wrestling for Great Britain from the age of 10, having won medals Nationally and Internationally, and will also be at Commonwealth games representing England. Andy used The Performance Matrix on Mike for rehabilitation and injury prevention of long standing reoccurring shoulder and lower back injuries.

Other Client Testimonials:

“It has kept me training consistently and given me an idea of what I’m doing to my body and to understand what is natural pain and what isn’t” 

“It’s very useful especially as I come from professional sport. It provides a plain and simple bench mark for progress”

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