The Performance Matrix

TPM Golf Solution

4th March 2014

"The Golf Solution is a very innovative screening tool to highlight weak links in a golfers movement pattern.  As a Physiotherapist working with a amateur and professional golfers, the Golf Matrix, will allow me to correct any specific weak links that the golfer may have.
My role is to treat injuries, prevent re-occurrence and improve the performance of the golfer. The Golf solution, using the Golf Matrix allows me to apply all 3.
A nice easy to use screening, which when applied with the re training strategies taught on The Golf Solution provide a complete service to any physio wanted to work with or currently working with golfers.

Take a look at an exercise from The Golf Matrix below:

Test:10 - 1-LEG SKB + DOUBLE ARM ROTATION & CHEST TURN: single leg small knee bend with bilateral arms abduction - lateral rotation+ alternate thoracic rotation






TPM Golf Solution takes place next at St Mary's University, Twickenham, London on 4-6 July 2014. 

For full details on this module, including a breakdown of the daily programme click here and for booking details click here






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