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TPM Pro - Some things you may want to know

Movement changes people’s lives. We have seen how one simple, but specifically targeted movement retraining exercise can do this. This belief in the power of movement means we really care about the health of people’s movement. We call this Movement Health.

So that more people can benefit from what movement and improved Movement Health can offer, we have designed and continually refined TPM Pro. TPM Pro is a business solution that allows every movement focused clinic to deliver the world’s best movement assessment and retraining system to their clients. It’s a combination of online software, movement assessment and retraining expertise and after 25 years of development its perfectly packaged to fit right into your clinic as readymade business opportunity. It’s global, and it works for every client group.

Plus, it’s not just about the tool: We teach you to become world class movement specialists; we call these TPM Active Movement Specialists.

Here are more 10 reasons why both you and your business would benefit:   

Offer a better, fuller service

As a TPM Active Movement Specialist, you can supplement your existing client services; giving your clients long-term Movement Health, enabling them to move more freely, improve their performance and remain injury free.

Extend and enhance your client journey

TPM gives your clients ongoing benefits so they keep coming back for more of your expertise and guidance (even after the initial pain has gone). With every movement analysis session, they get an objective score helping them trac improvement and set measurable targets.

Work with world class movement analysis software

At the heart of the TPM system is a research-based movement analysis system. As a TPM Active Movement Specialist you get access at anytime, anywhere.

Develop personally and professionally

Through our routes of comprehensive training, regular masterclasses and networking events, you can develop to be a world class movement specialist, increasing your profile and future expansion.  

Tap in to the strength of the TPM brand

As an accredited TPM Active Movement Specialist, you can display the distinctive TPM brand at your premises, include it in your own marketing materials, and call upon a ready supply of fully branded TPM marketing materials.

Get remunerated for the extra value you bring to your service

Our TPM Active Movement Specialists say that by offering TPM Active as a service within their clinic it increases both demand and their personal efficacy. 

Bring more people to your practice

We are forever promoting the benefits of the TPM Active brand and message to continually grow the client base for our global network of TPM Pro clinics. Signing up to TPM Pro enables you to access this wide range of client groups by offering a new movement focussed service.   

Call on the expertise of your TPM colleagues and counterparts

TPM has become a collaborative global community. All are welcome, and all are surprised at how sharing and supportive our network continues to be.

Be part of a growing global network of TPM Active Movement Specialists

TPM is a global movement network that keeps on growing. You can be part of this story, a step helping you increase your profile as a movement specialist.

Benefit from the trust in the TPM Pro system

Backed by years of research and practical application, TPM has long been established in the clinical environment. The team behind TPM are recognised as pioneers in the concept of Movement Health and continue to strive to improve the system build an evidence base to support its use.  


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