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TPM Pro Success Stories - The Clinicians View

9th November 2016

See who is connecting TPM Pro and the Movement Health message...

TPM Pro Clinic Liberty Physio Shares One of Their Success Stories:

TPM clinic owner, Roger Cleary, saw potential in the elite movement management system that is TPM Pro for his clinic’s clients’ greater health. Liberty Physio continue to supply ever more freedom in their clients’ movement, ensuring movement is not the limiter in the life they choose to lead.

We had a triathlete who injured their back. We tested and retrained, using TPM. They are not only injury free but have returned to competition, recently completing an Iron Man. This really sums up TPM Active as a brand. There are a whole host of stories like this and I feel we are in a transition period at this time as we increasingly integrate TPM Pro in to what we do; watch this space. We will continue to diversify, building our team of specialists in rehab, performance and management of movement and clinic business, alike.  Read more


Insights from Arena Fysio on how TPM Active helps maintain & improve fitness:

Clare Pedersen from Arena Fysio on What does TPM Active mean to your clients?

TPM Active allows us as movement trainers the opportunity to give our clients back a quality to their lives. We deliver a test system with specific retraining that enhances their freedom of movement in order to train for a specific goal or in some cases allow them to move for the first time without pain. It gives our clients the tools to take care of themselves. The retest gives them an opportunity to see where they are now in comparison to their best or worst form. Read more

The Physio Clinic Bristol Heading for Movement Health

TPM Pro clinic owner Pete Tang from The Physio Clinic Bristol Ltd discusses becoming a centre of excellence for Movement Health, the value of movement for all, and making sure clients’ goals, both current and future, stay well within reach over their whole ‘movement’ lifespan. Read more


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