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TPM Pro 2017 Masterclass: Saints, Synergists, Shoulders & Session Design

23rd May 2017

TPM Pro clinicians from around Europe gathered to enjoy 2 days of new information to progress the TPM Active product and the Movement Health message.

This year’s Masterclass saw Southampton Football Club’s Steve Sparks deliver an excellent morning on adductor magus, the integration of movement assessment and retraining into athlete monitoring and a great case study on the use of TPM at the club.

Kicking off the Masterclass with a morning on Adductor Magus with Steve Sparks, Lead Physio Academy, Southampton Football Club

Sarah Mottram then reviewed the current shoulder literature before delivering a true masterclass in scapula dynamic alignment and retraining.

The confusion of movement variability- the good, the bad & the variable

Sunday started with Lincoln Blandford supplying a critical review of where TPM fits in alongside the performance focus of strength and conditioning, exploring current perspectives on movement variability and how cognitive movement assessment adds another tool to the risk and performance framework.

Pointing the way to protecting the multi-joint muscles

Jeannette Hoftijzer and Clare Pedersen then helped Lincoln out as the day moved into ‘fatigue protecting’ the mobilisers through increasing the fatigue tolerance of the stabilisers and how to design long term Movement Health with programming ideas.


"An excellent weekend"

"Awesome adductor session sharing rehab ideas training concepts and moving to sport specific"

"Thank you everyone who were involved in the brilliant masterclass weekend, I enjoyed it a lot and was great to see you all!"

"Really good sessions - Love the HTH /fatigue supersets-  up to date and getting the Job Done!"

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