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TPM Pro Clinic Liberty Physio puts Movement Health on Pole Position

6th June 2016

An illustrious physiotherapy career has seen TPM clinic owner, Roger Cleary, work in the highest echelons of elite sport, managing the movement of team sports athletes (football) and individual performers (F1, Rally and Triathlon).

Setting up his own practice in 2003, in the historic city of Lincoln, Liberty Physio has now enjoyed over a decade of success. Keen to continue developing both his brand and his dedicated team, this clinic owner saw potential in the elite movement management system that is TPM Pro for his clinic’s clients’ greater health.

Roger describes his clientele as ‘diverse, but all TPM Active’; the client group the movement management system of TPM Pro seeks to support.  Roger takes a moment to tell us a little more.

What is it about TPM Pro that you really like for your clinic?

It works for us. The results of the testing always give us a positive result. Because of how the system works, I feel this is the same for any physio who uses it. And, although TPM Pro is a very structured system, it still gives autonomy to the clinician. We don’t lose either our clinical skills or our management of the client. When we test with TPM, it allows for very specific rehab and a very solid foundation for performance programming. Also, for the clinicians, certainly the newer ones, it gives more exercise know-how. Exercise design and delivery can be very limited on physio graduate courses; TPM Pro fills that gap in the young clinicians’ skill set.  

What are some other advantages of TPM Pro?

It’s a researched knowledge base that powers both the testing and the retraining that follows. I feel that the end point, or the limits of the system are only really based on each individual’s knowledge of the system, not the system itself.

What is a success story who have had with TPM Pro and where do you see the clinic progressing, next?

We had a triathlete who injured their back. We tested and retrained, using TPM. They are not only injury free but have returned to competition, recently completing an Iron Man. This really sums up TPM Active as a brand. There are a whole host of stories like this and I feel we are in a transition period at this time as we increasingly integrate TPM Pro in to what we do; watch this space. We will continue to diversify, building our team of specialists in rehab, performance and management of movement and clinic business, alike.  

Liberty Physio continue to supply ever more freedom in their clients’ movement, ensuring movement is not the limiter in the life they chose to lead.

If you would like more information about Liberty Physio & Rehab to arrange a TPM Active screening with one of their movement specialists, visit their website

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