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7th June 2016

Originally developed for elite US sport, The Performance Matrix (TPM) movement analysis tool was an instant game changer in the world of movement testing for injury prevention and performance. Still to this day nothing informs on movement with the same resolution; nothing tests movement in quite the same.

Yet, the full power of TPM lies not only in the testing. The tool produces a report of risk, which, once analysed, reveals the movement and performance solutions the athlete has lost. Once identified, these movement choices, that relate to injury risk, recurrence or performance deficit can be restored. This is where the movement retraining comes in; tailored not only to the problems found but also to the athlete’s sport, performance goals and exercise preference. As a package, its fairly complete.       

Our London based consultancy offers an easily accessible centre for athletes to have their movement assessed, analysed and the movement choices that are missing addressed. These bespoke sessions are delivered to individual athletes, yet often we also working alongside athlete’s coaches and therapists, who are keen to take away guidance and tools further management strategies for their player/performer.

The Performance Solution combines the world’s finest resolution of movement analysis alongside contemporary strength & conditioning principles and therapeutic exercise precision to build, reinforce and further enhance robust performance. Bigger than just injury prevention, this is about accessing more choice in how you beat the opposition or your personal best.

Here’s some of our specialisms:

Football Matrix Focus

Hamstring recurrence: football, rugby and the sprint focussed athlete. We assess, analyse, and address the whole movement system, not just the region of risk of recurrence. Our one to one consultancy offers a bigger picture approach to the complexity of hamstring injury.

Golf Matrix Focus

Sometimes technique deficits just won’t budge, regardless of the hours spent or the coach’s guidance. Our one to one consultancy gets under the radar of function and performance to find and fix the movement problem that is resilient to change.

Run, Cycle, Swim Focus

Recovery, transition and fatigue management: for the high volume athlete, our one to one consultancy supplies you with more movement options once fatigue starts to take its toll, both during and after the event. We assess, analyse and address your movement so that you can accrue the pain free volume you need to excel.   


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