The Performance Matrix

TPM & Southampton Football Club

6th April 2016

How is the movement management system that powers TPM Pro changing the face of football & physio clinics around the world?


The rise of Southampton FC in the past 5 years has been meteoric; both on and off the pitch. The 2010-11 season saw the South coast club promoted from the third tier of English football. By April 2016, the club are battling for a European spot, jostling with the biggest names in the English top flight for a top 6 or even top 4 finish. The club also goes from strength to strength off the field. A recent financial report revealed SFC to have most the profitable academy in Europe, ahead of Barcelona, and Real Madrid.


The club, renowned for its state-of-the-art training ground and use of sports medicine technology and research, also seems to be winning the fight against injury, with SFC consistently in the top percentile for lowest injury rates. Supporting both performance and low injury rates within the club, from Academy through to the First Team is ‘The Performance Matrix’, a movement management system consisting of assessment, analysis and movement retraining. This system, so successful within the world of elite sport, has recently become accessible to all within the worldwide network of TPM Pro clinics who offer the TPM Active brand.

SFC state ‘we believe ‘The Performance Matrix’ has been crucial to the club’s success, through improved athletic movement performance and reduced injury rates’. Making this ‘black-box’ technology available to all, means it’s not just the elite athlete that has the chance to be helped by an elite level system.


Supported by literature ‘The Foundation Matrix’ (McNeill, 2014 ; Mischiati et al., 2015; Mottram & Comerford, 2008 ) and The Football Matrix (Comerford, Mottram, & Barr, 2011; Mottram, Barr, Rousell, & Comerford, 2012), are just two examples of the differing assessment tools that make up the TPM Pro movement management system; both are used at the Southampton.


The research and development continue, both in and away from the club. Southampton FC, always with an eye on the future, recently commenced a club wide education process ‘The Performance Solution’, aiming to ensure current standards are maintained and exceeded

This educational component also forms part of the TPM Pro package retitled ‘The Movement Health Solution’, with content and emphasis better reflecting the demands of the movement focussed clinic dealing with a wide ranging population.  


Within elite sport it is clear movement matters. The Performance Matrix is a tried and tested system to help ensure movement supports success, both on and off the field. SFC, identify,’

The Performance Matrix movement management system plays a pivotal role in our injury prevention and performance enhancement process’.

Our TPM Pro licence uses the same movement management system, allowing you to offer elite prevention and performance services in your company, wherever you are in the world, with whoever you work with.

The TPM Pro licence has been specifically designed to give you all the necessary components and training to make this a success in your business.

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