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TPM Active & Forever Fysio

29th January 2016

Our collaboration with Forever Fysio goes from strength to strength - now in 9 centres in Finland


TPM Active & Forever Fysio: One Vision of Movement Health in Finland

When our team first met physiotherapist and clinic owner, Tero Heikkila, he told us about his vision. At the Forever gym chain in Finland, this idea of what physiotherapy could be in 2016 and beyond is now clear to see for all. Over the past year, he has gathered together a small group of skilled clinicians, a new generation of physios, each with a passion for pushing the concept of what therapy looks like. Following nearly 6 months of education this multi-disciplinary team have united, coming to share Tero’s vision; they believe in the power of movement, and the movement management system Forever’s members are now enjoying; TPM Active.


Forever & TPM Active: what the vision looks like

Clients’ movement is assessed, analysed and the risks associated to injury and performance deficits, addressed. The clients’ training is highly specific, highly personal; every exercise has a great reason for been included. Not feeling the need to be tethered to the treatment bed or the confined space of the treatment room, Tero’s Forever Physio team are showing off their wide skill set on the gym floor, in the CrossFit studio, wherever movement is needed. Forever’s members are witnessing something new, the future of movement.


Prevention and performance – finding the problem before it becomes a problem

So far, feedback is good. A large percentage of clients are seeking out TPM Active, wanting prevention and performance, not just the traditional management of pain. Tero adds, ‘what we are seeing so far is exactly what we want; people coming to us before they have a problem, not when the problem has happened. We are getting the message across that we can help people move better before an injury occurs, before the dip in performance. My team have TPM Active clients, not just physiotherapy patients’.


Movement Health Messages

Forever Physio have caught the first wave of what’s becoming known as ‘Movement Health’; a concept revolving around the knowledge we can visit a movement expert to help us look after our movement, just as we might go to see a dentist; regular check-ups, and regular attention to preventing problems. This is what TPM Active offers; movement management for a lifetime, so that Forever’s clients can enjoy what this forward thinking chain supplies.


Take a look at video the Forever team have put together showing some of the exercises in The Performance Matrix screen:



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