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The Pros of TPM Pro

8th March 2016

The Pros of TPM Pro

Experienced movement therapist, Denise Frost offers some insight on the business and education of movement as presented within TPM Pro.

The education that goes along with TPM Pro helps nurture clinicians’ business plans, focussing their vision, no matter where they want to go. Whether it be to expand or enhance your current physiotherapy practice or alternatively create the foundations of an entirely new business as a movement specialist, a variety of (business) solutions are explored. The technical component of the course incorporates the full scope of scientific understanding of human motor learning, and the practical application of motor control retraining, introducing and expanding your repertoire of skilled facilitation techniques to enhance your development as a movement specialist.

This elite product improves the practitioner’s efficiency in creating and delivering movement education, helping to distinguish them from their competition and define them as ‘movement specialists’. It helps us to deliver client focussed, and goal directed training programmes for optimal life quality.

Denise Frost Manager at the Spaulding Outpatients Centre in Boston , MA, USA uses TPM Pro in the clinic; click here for more about Denise

For more details on TPM Pro and how to integrate into your business, click here

TPM Pro enables you to achieve the vision of transforming your patient’s quality of life, through our dedicated, client-focused package - TMP Active.


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