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25th July 2016

This September TPM's Denise Frost, of the Spaulding Outpatient Center in Boston MA, will deliver the 10 day training porgramme The Movement Health Solution. In this post Denise  discusses how TPM Pro(motes) movement education

Founding Coordination Dynamics (CDx) in 2007 to deliver movement education and training, Denise describes Cdx as promoting and accelerating skill acquisition, assisting clients reach performance goals while minimizing injury. She works with a wide range of clients, catering for amateur to elite, high school to senior master competitors as well as those individuals merely seeking to move pain-free with more ease, grace and confidence. Providing consulting services to business, educational and fitness organizations with CDX, Denise also continues to manage Spaulding Outpatient Center in Brighton, MA. USA. and remains a treating clinician to a diverse client base focused on remaining fit and competitive.

Here, Denise takes a moment from her full and engaging schedule, to explore how the education component within TPM Pro addresses a very much needed area.

‘Many therapists have not been formally taught to teach movement; this means they lack the skills to verbally, or visually cue someone to efficiently move. Learning to teach exercise and movement is a skill unto itself. TPM Pro affords the movement practitioner the opportunity to expedite the acquisition of this skill, while simultaneously transforming and enhancing their client’s movement variability and performance options.’ How we teach movement matters.

‘Having taken TPM courses previously, I was pleased to find the education has been re-designed, assisting TPM Pro clinicians to develop the teaching skills required for movement re-education; a key but sometimes forgotten factor in the success of a clinic focussed on the business of movement. The course provides therapists with the teaching methods and tools required to assess movement, in addition to designing and delivering goal directed retraining programs. As an experienced physiotherapist, Pilates & Gyrotonic instructor I found I further improved my own efficiency in creating and delivering movement re-education. I am newly enthused for the future of my business. The course is extremely practical and the teachers are motivational and inspiring.’

Course dates:
  • Part 1: 29th Sept - 2nd Oct 2016
  • Part 2: 4th - 6th Nov 2016
  • Part 3: 13th - 15th Jan 2017

For full details on the course content and programme click here

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