The Performance Matrix

The Movement Health Solution: 4 days of education to move your clinic & clients potential from good to elite

26th April 2017

But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what Mo Gimpel, Director of Medical & Science Performance Support at Southampton FC has to say about the education, techniques and tools we are now delivering to clinics and training facilities across the world 

"The Performance Matrix has assisted us to improve our service provision to players across the Academy and 1st Team squads.

On an individual level, identifying assets and risks allows us to employ an individualised program design that’s maximises athletic potential and improves physical literacy in a safe and efficient manner.

On the strategic service provision level, the education process (on-site & off-site) has helped improve staff skills through challenging practice, communication, knowledge and improve the inter-multidisciplinary specialism relationships. 

The overall effect is a closer working medical department team who are more comfortable to challenge each other, in order to expand staff knowledge, advance service provision and improve department associated outcomes.”

Mo Gimpel
Director of Medical & Science Performance Support

To hear a little more, First Team Physiotherapist Steve Wright talks about the how the system supports managing the players’ movement and performance:

The Performance Matrix (TPM) solution was originally developed for elite athletes and professional sports teams – helping them to:

This system is available to EVERYONE via TPM Pro, and you can subscribe once you have signed up and attended Part 1 of The Movement Health Solution:

If you would like to implement this world class system in your clinic you can!

Choose from the following dates to join The Movement Health Solution Part 1: Movement Health

  • 23-26 June
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  • 22-25 September
  • 8-11 November

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